Crest Ridge Saddlery
Traveler 2006
Trail Saddles

For Sale on eBay

Manufacturer: Crest Ridge Saddlery
Model: Traveler 2006
Category: Trail Saddles

Purchase: Online for $800 + lots of shipping$ - I read many good reviews, and testimonials on line about this saddle. However, I now feel like a total sucker for buying a saddle online, by a brand that I have never had a chance to look at first in a store.

Likes: That Crest Ridge Co. returned it w/out hassle. And if I had to say something nice, the stitching in the seat was fine and I liked the rigging - even though I am sure it wasn't balanced and the D rings were cheap, cheap, cheap.

Dislikes: Um ... well lets put it this way, I never even bothered trying it on my horse - I just sent it back. I could feel giant lumps on the underside of the saddle through the felt. The leather dye was poorly done, I could see that it was air brushed on, and spots were missed on the seat so the natural leather could be seen. The dye had small cracks in it. The horn wasn't wrapped tightly so the leather was peeling up.

Quality: BAD, I mean not as bad as those cheap plastic knock offs on ebay, but bad all the same. I can deal with a cheap looking saddle and yes even the big glue blobs holding the skirting down - but the lumps under the skirting, yes where the saddle contacts my horses back, pads or not, is just too awful, even for a cheap round the barn saddle. My horse agrees with me.

Summary: Do I really need to? Be very careful buying on line tack. You don't just need to research it you need to be able to poke and prod the same saddle at a tack store first OR buy a brand you know is quality - even then fakes are floating around.

Rating: 1

Author: Sam B.

Date: 2006-11-14

Usefulness Rating: 3.125 out of 5.
8 reader(s) voted.

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