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Horse Health and Well Being

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Category: Horse Health and Well Being

Purchase: Back in May my horse was having some hind end issues. At first I thought he was just weak, but he was getting worse. He just felt lop sided when I trotted him and his head was thrown up into the air which was unusual, he normally would go around like a hunter when he behaved:) I work at the farm where I keep and my manager and trainer thought maybe his hocks needed to be injected due to him having arthritis in them. So I had him injected, when he was able to be ridden again the outcome was not better. The only other thing I could think of was his back was out. So I had his back adjusted and acupuncture. The lady who performs this work is a holistic vet and she suggested if he was not better in 3 days to have my vet come out and take blood work and test him for EPM. Well needless to say my boy was not better so I had my vet come back out and recheck him. She noticed he was worse than when she came to inject his hocks which is a sign of EPM. She took his blood and sent it off. After waiting for about a week even though it seemed like months the results were in. He was negative for Lyme disease and showed a strong positive for EPM. She suggested I put him on Marquis. One box of Marquis treats a horse for 28 days and the cost of it is $640.00 and I ordered it through my vet. Thank goodness for credit cards because without it I would not have been able to afford this treatment. I treated my horse everyday with this paste for a month and I was seeing improvements as he was being treated. After the month was up my vet suggested I put him on SMZs for a month just for precaution. In the first week of Oct. I rode him and it was like a miracle, I had my horse back. I was thrilled. About 2 weeks later I rode my horse and my nightmare came true, he wasn't right again. He felt like he did when he was first diagnosed with EPM. I cried, not because I spent all this money trying to fix my horse, but because I didn't fix him and I don't know if I'll ever be able to fix him. I had my vet come out the next day to see what she thought. She said all the parasites may not have been killed off and to double dose the Marquis this time. I felt like I was going to be sick,but my trusty credit card did not fail me so I ordered 2 boxes of the Marquis and began the double dose treatment. My horse has not yet finished this round of treatment yet, but he is looking like himself again. I lunged him and his trot looks even and he was able to hold the canter which he was unable to do when he was being attacked by the parasites.

Likes: What I like about this product is it is easy to use. It's like a big fat wormer paste and it has the weight dial on it. The box comes with for tubes of paste and each one last for 7 days.

Dislikes: Obviously the price I don't like, but who would. One box of this treatment helped, but did not kill all the parasites therefore my horse relapsed. Honestly the instruction pamphlet is a little vague, not on how to use the product, but on whether or not you can double dose your horse if you miss a treatment, should you do a loading dose in the beginning?

Quality: Its a paste in a plastic tube just like a dewormer tube only it's longer and wider. One box contains 4 tubes that last for 7 days.

Summary: After everything my horse and I have been through with this vague disease, I'm happy with the results even though the first treatment didn't kill all the parasites, but it has made a difference in my horse.

Rating: 5

Author: Julia DiFonzo

Date: 2006-11-19

Usefulness Rating: 2 out of 5.
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