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Grand Prix
Gel Saddle Pad with Fleece Trim
English Saddle Fittings/Pads

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Manufacturer: Grand Prix (View all products by Grand Prix)

Model: Gel Saddle Pad with Fleece Trim (View all Gel Saddle Pad with Fleece Trim reviews)

Category: English Saddle Fittings/Pads

Purchase: I recently bought this product at a horse expo in VA. I was lucky enough that the seller didn't know what it was and had it significantly reduced in price ($65)! It is available at Dover Saddlery for about $180. I bought this saddle pad because I wanted a nice pad that was similar to the Mattes half-pads and the Equi-Gel pads. I didn't like a few things about the Equi-Gel pads, and before I knew how much this Grand Prix pad was, I was just trying to not pay so much for a Mattes half-pad!

Likes: I love that it is lightweight and my horse seemed to really like it. It seemed to help his back because some of his slight head-tossing stopped. Because it is more lightweight than the Equi-Gel pads, it doesn't create pressure points. During my rides I would stop to see if it was bunching or fell down to create pressure on his withers, which it never did. There are "holes" made in the gel which allows it to expand and contract (again, therefore, not a single pressure point). The slight stickyness of the gel allows it to "stick" to your saddle, without any mess. I LOVE THIS PAD!!

Dislikes: If there is anything that can be improved with this product there is one thing: It is a bit small. Luckily I am a small rider and can still fit into my children's Prestige Lucky Dressage saddle (16" seat). I fear that with a larger seat saddle, the pad might not fit as well (currently the fleece on the back of the pad is almost under my saddle.) So, be cautious that it MIGHT not fit larger saddles.

Quality: The gel is a "natural" clear type color. The synthetic fleece on the pommel area and the rear of the pad is white. The fleece is very well sewn on, I checked! I haven't tried washing it yet, so I am not sure how it does after washing! It also didn't come with any cleaning instructions.

Summary: If you have a little bit of extra money to try this pad over the Mattes Half Pads, PLEASE DO! I love this pad, and so does my gelding! I will not even consider an Equi-Gel pad after having this Grand Prix pad! Saving money by getting an Equi-Gel pad is not worth the discomfort to your horse....spend some more money and get the Grand Prix pad!

Rating: 5

Author: Brittany M.

Date: 2006-11-21

Usefulness Rating: 3.30435 out of 5.
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