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Prix De Nations
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Manufacturer: Crosby
Model: Prix De Nations
Category: Close Contact Saddles

Purchase: I purchased this saddle new in 1997 for roughly $1200. I had been looking and trying saddles for quite a while, all the while eyeballing the Crosby lines. I was 15 and riding several horses a day as a working student using the riding academy tack. After saving for the actual cost of the saddle all I had left was to save for the shipping. After visiting a local tack shop the exact saddle I had wanted to order was there. I bought it that day. I think this saddle now retails around 2k new?

Likes: This saddle has been through A LOT with me! I found the leather broke in easily after I hot-oiled the saddle, and even riding in the rain it never stained. The only staining is on the sweat flaps from the first summer I rode in it, and my out of shape horse sweated profusely. The stitching has remained in tact, and the color is remarkable! Still show quality! The flocking and panels are soft and still in great shape! The billets are in great condition for the age (I did use a roller buckle girth which i think helps?). I've even let students use it for lessons! I rode in this saddle daily for YEARS!! I also think this saddle strengthened my seat and showed off my equitation!

Dislikes: This saddle may be hard for some to ride in as it is not deep seated and does not have knee rolls. At 15 I purposely wanted that so I would learn to depend on myself for strength and not on a deep-seated saddle. This saddle may also be difficult for a rider to not pop out of the saddle on a big jumper, green jumper, or over big fences! (Nothing work without stirrups wouldn't correct!) The seat of the saddle is not known for comfort, and have noticed sore cheekbones after long trail rides. I bought a sheepskin seat cover for that purpose. Worked well. No true dislikes to speak of!

Quality: This saddle is AMAZING quality, I counted 12 stitches to an inch, the leather is high quality and broke in quickly with one hot oiling, the tree has stayed sound through bucking, crow-hopping, rearing, horses falling over on it, lesson kids, and even getting pulled to the underside of a horse once! Not one scratch! Made in England, and I think they said french calfskin on the underside. The leather on the underside of the saddle is the softest leather I have ever touched!

Summary: I gave this saddle to a family member who now rides at the same place I was a working student. I thought it was time to invest a new saddle for my horse, who has gotten far too wide for the medium tree. I would recommend this saddle to anyone! I was sad to part with it, but knew it would be loved and cleaned regularly like I had done the past 9 years! Some else on here said theirs has lasted 30 years. I would not be surprised this saddle has proven it's durability and kept it's classic looks over almost a decade!!

Rating: 5

Author: EES

Date: 2006-12-27

Usefulness Rating: 2.28571 out of 5.
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