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Riders Choice
Bear Trap Barrel Saddle 1522
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Manufacturer: Riders Choice
Model: Bear Trap Barrel Saddle 1522
Category: Barrel Saddles

Purchase: Ordered it after several of my friends had bought this brand off of Ebay . It was in April of 2002 and I paid 338.00 total. I was so impressed with theirs for the prices that I decided to get my daughter a new saddle from them. I had bought her a new Circle Y for Christmas in 2001 and it just wouldn't work on any horse we had. My tack shop even let me trade it back in for a Courts but it kept slipping forward on the horse. I thought for the price I could at least try this one. I was amazed that it even fit our hard to fit Arab. She was so tickled that she went out and won the Miss. State 4-H finals on this little saddle for her age. She both her old Circle Y's and the Courts and swears that this is her good luck charm...Can't get better than that.

Likes: The price for the quality can't be beat. I was reading the reviews and noticed the other one in here about the 1522. This guy has to be nuts or have a beef with someone. We have used her saddle now for 5 years every week and she still won't ride anything else. I liked it so much I have bought 4 more saddles from Jerry including 2 one of a kind customs.

Dislikes: The only bad thing is that the price on the saddle has gone up a whole 25.00 in five years. I don't see how they keep prices so low. That is another thing...People associate cheap junk with low prices and in this case it's just not true. You have a company trying to please people by not price gouging.

Quality: The construction and materials used on the 1522 were as nice as my Tex Tann Roper and my American Saddlery Cutter. The leather on the skirt was almost a 1/2" and it has lasted 5 years of hard barrel racing. Because I have now bought several saddles from this company and have probably seen 20 of them in my area alone I can tell you that they have a quality to fit any budget. This is the economy model here and I would have had to pay 200.00 more in our local tack shop for the same barrel saddle.

Summary: I have never dealt with a company that had better customer service and really cared about the horse and rider more. I thought they only made economy type saddles for distributors and stores. I had speced out a Ryon cutter that was going to cost me 4600.00 and I was going to have to wait 4 months on it. I just took a stab and called Riders Choice Saddle Co. Jerry worked with me through about 4 phone calls and emailing pictures and in the end quoted me a price of 1275.00 shipped to my door and had it finished in 5 weeks. Same quality leather, exact same tree, and a saddle that I will have a lifetime. This place can't be beat. If you hear otherwise something is just not right!

Rating: 5

Author: Ty Murray

Date: 2007-02-05

Usefulness Rating: 2.5 out of 5.
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