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AP 2000 (w/ CAIR and Easy Change Gullet)
All Purpose Saddles

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Manufacturer: Wintec
Model: AP 2000 (w/ CAIR and Easy Change Gullet)
Category: All Purpose Saddles

Purchase: This is my first saddle, so I researched before ordering from the the Hitching Post for $525, much less than the going rate, and I got a cover and the gullet kit free, plus they're pleasant to deal with.

Likes: I like how it's easy to care for. When I rode in the summer, all I had to do was take some water to wash the sweat off and then brush it when it was dry. Once a month, I use Wintec's cleaner to scrub the dirt off the blackness. The recessed stirrup bars leave no lump, the billets are strong, the gullet can change anytime, and the kneeblocks move easily. Works great on the flat and jumping. The channels and kneerolls are air filled and so lovely. There is good clearance on the horse's body and it has conformed to me and my mare after only a few months.

Dislikes: It's hard to put the stirrup leathers in the recessed bars. The first time I changed the gullet, I thought it was broken because it would not screw back in. Eventually, with help, it was forced into place. The equisuede isn't as soft after it gets washed a lot and equileather holds some dust. The billets are made of leather so they MUST BE OILED. I didn't have a saddle rack and my tack bag wasn't high enough, so the flap and billets are a little curled under, but they come back up. I still like it more than most leather. One other thing is that when I ride in nylon gym shorts, I'm fine, but I need half chaps with jeans.

Quality: It is comfortable, pretty, practical, and well built.

Summary: I rode in lessons for almost two years before getting my saddle. I did not realize how much pain I was in. Although I have not moved the kneeblocks and the stirrup leathers aren't as long as they should be, I feel awesome. My form improved and my knees stopped aching. When I rode at lessons, all the saddles were old and too big, so I overcompensated trying to fit in and be comfy. I sat up straighter, looked ahead, posted lighter, and used my legs and seat better with the Wintec. My western friend who has injuries from previous falls used it and said it wasn't as nice as her old English saddle, but I love it more than the Crosby, Collegiate, Beval, and Regent I have ridden in. My mare got a back injury before I bought her and had two years off until I started riding. She prances and wiggles her butt when I bring her saddle out. It is obvious she is not in pain and always eager to ride, sometimes for over an hour. She is usually dry and cool around her back and high TB withers. This Wintec has brought back the mare everyone used to know as sweet and ready to please. She has this issue about jumping five feet to the side or hopping under tree branches to see if I'm not paying enough attention and will fall off, but it never works. From crazy canters and jumping much higher than needed to "spooking" and bucking, I am an advanced beginner on a young sporthorse TB who has almost no injuries and the mentality of a complete goofball and yet, I can stay on. I can't see myself anything except a Wintec.

Rating: 5

Author: the owner of an amazing horse

Date: 2007-02-15

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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