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Manufacturer: Eskadron
Model: Open Front Boots
Category: Horse Boots and Wraps

Purchase: I acquired my Eskadrons when I got my pony. My pony is a hunter and my trainer said she needed leg support over jumps. She suggested Eskadrons. I front and back Eskadrons for my pony and use them any time I jump. I believe I paid close to $70.00 but it was a while ago. I think the price ranges where you get them from, but the price is well worth it. I have had my Eskadrons for over 3 years and they still work perfectly.

Likes: I love my Eskadrons because they provide excellent protection to my horse's legs and look nice too. These Eskadrons are so easy to clean. All you have to do is hose them off. These Eskadrons also don't need to be replaced every year like some polo wraps I've had. They also don't suffocate the horse's legs like the material used in polo wraps. Also for riders who aren't very experienced, you can't mess up your horse's legs putting them on because they are so customized to the horse's leg, you physically can't put them on wrong! Also the Eskadrons come in many stylish colors that can look good on even the hardest to match horses. These Eskadrons come in black, white, light blue, navy blue, grey, and many other colors.

Dislikes: The only thing I don't like about the Eskadrons are that the white ones turn yellow after about 5 years of constant use. But that can be solved by soaking them in bleach. If you do that though, you must wash them very good so as not to irritate your horse's legs.

Quality: Eskadrons come in many sizes including pony, horse, and even heavier warmblood types. They also come in different styles like cross-country and jumpers. Eskadrons are built to support the horse's legs as it gallops or jumps. It also protects the horse's legs from scrapes over brush or log jumps. Eskadrons are definitely one of the best jumping boots you can buy for your equestrian friend.

Summary: I highly recommend Eskadrons for anyone who does any form of jumping. I have tried polo wraps and other forms of leg protection and none have come anywhere close to being as good as Eskadrons.

Rating: 5

Author: Patricia Miller

Date: 2007-02-24

Usefulness Rating: 1.75 out of 5.
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