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Stall Snack with Jolly Ball
Horse Treats

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Manufacturer: Jolly (View all products by Jolly)

Model: Stall Snack with Jolly Ball (View all Stall Snack with Jolly Ball reviews)

Category: Horse Treats

Purchase: Got it at PetSmart, for around $25 or so. My mare is a cribber, so I hoped it would give her some entertainment in her stall.

Likes: It's easy to put up.

Dislikes: My mare would not even touch it. I smeared molasses, applesauce, a bunch of gooey yummies on it, and she wasn't even remotely interested in the apple treat. The ball part of the toy seemed to irritate her more than anything when it would bump against her body.

Quality: Well made, couldn't find any problems with its construction.

Summary: If your horse will play with it, seems like a great idea. I ended up returning it.

Rating: 2

Author: C.E.

Date: 2007-03-07

Usefulness Rating: 2.875 out of 5.
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