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Likit Horse Treat
Horse Treats

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Manufacturer: Likit (View all products by Likit Products)

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Category: Horse Treats

Purchase: I bought this at a local tack store for about $22, I really think I overpaid for what comes down to 2 pieces of plastic, a rope, and some sugar. I got it after my horse stepped on a nail and had to be put on stall rest for about 2 months.

Likes: It sounded like a good idea when I got it, but now pretty much nothing.

Dislikes: For one thing how many people can hang it 5 ft off the ground and 3 ft off each wall. So I was worried about him getting too much at one time when it was hung against the wall. Then the rope that comes with doesn't work very well, the snap on the end obviously wasn't made for the plastic hanger, you have to move the snap around until it clicks. My horse LOVES treats, he will eat anything, cereal, applesauce, soda, he will jump off a cliff to get to a carrot. So when he didn't even acknowledge that the likit was there I got kind of worried about him. I put it up to his nose and he smelled it and just and just walked away. I figured he would get to it when he was bored. 3 weeks later and it still hadn't been touched so I put it in his feeder, maybe he didn't like the plastic holder. Now he had to move it around to get to his grain, so he sorta had to eat it. The next day he broke out in hives. I didn't repeat anything I did the day before, but I left the likit there thinking that so many horses have one it can't be that. He continued to get worse, so I took the likit out and he started to get better the next day. I have 5 horses, not a single one like the likit.

Quality: It is not put together well, the packaging, well lets just say put aside your work for the rest of the day because you will be prying open the likit treat. I have to say I had this tiny horse treat out on the table with knives, screwdrivers, scissors, hoof picks, anything to get it open. It took at least 20 min to get it out of the package and by then it had chunks missing when i put it on the plastic hanger. When you pay the $5 for the refill, plan on only getting half of it to the hanger.

Summary: It sucks, nice idea but it doesn't work so well.

Rating: 1


Date: 2007-03-13

Usefulness Rating: 2.625 out of 5.
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