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Getting Ready for Mounted Search and Rescue

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Purchase: The book is by Deborah Schultz. Our local horse club is thinking about starting a mounted search and rescue unit. There's a very limited amount of information available on starting such a thing, so when I saw this book online, I jumped at getting it. I can't remember the exact price, but I think I paid approximately $20.00 Cdn from Chapters, plus shipping.

Likes: The information is presented in a really easy to read format, and is simple enough for a lot of people to understand. The book deals with care of horses at the scene, as well as what to expect from other search parties. It provides a list of equipment needed, training the horse and rider should have, search methods and characteristics of a victim... among other things. There's even a section on practice search scenarios.

Dislikes: The author really should've invested in a professional proof reader. Some of the sentences aren't proper, or the spelling is wrong. In one case, it's a little funny. In the small plane crash search scenario, for example. There are 6 people aboard. One person is found with a broken arm and leg and is passed out. They "Can be AROUSED". I'd bet my horse that she meant 'Can be roused'. In other instances, like in the Glossary, terms are wrong. GPS does not stand for Ground Positioning System. It does, in fact, mean Global Positioning Satellite. I also wish the book was a bit longer, but I do understand that a lot of this training requires field work and cannot be read about.. only demonstrated.

Quality: A simple book.. 58 pages. Black and white with minimal diagrams. Softcover. The text is a good size.. very easy to read for almost anyone, I'd think.

Summary: I admire Deborah Schultz for putting something like this together, but that extra bit of effort (checking spelling) would've gone a long way. She's obviously very qualified to give advice on this sort of thing.

Rating: 4

Author: Katie W

Date: 2007-03-15

Usefulness Rating: 2.5 out of 5.
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