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Show Jump - average tree
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Manufacturer: Equibette
Model: Show Jump - average tree
Category: Jumping Saddles

Purchase: $425 at Libertyville Saddle Shop, but I had a 25% off coupon so it was only $320!

Likes: This saddle was a total steal. Even if I had paid full price I would have still been pleasantly surprised by the quality. The leather is supple with a nice waxed finish. It is comparable in quality to much more expensive saddles. The saddle is made in Spain, and it reminds me of a Zaldi that I tried previously in style and craftsmanship. Stitching is tight and even. Panels are foam stuffed and are even and not lumpy (I've seen that problem on inexpensive saddles before). This saddle to me is very much like (if not identical to) the much more expensive Collegiate or Crosby older styles saddles without the padded flap or knee blocks.

Dislikes: I have no complaints. However, if you like the padded flap and the knee/thigh blocks, you might not like this saddle. It is the plain, stripped down version that was more popular in the past. The leather is not stiff and was not slippery like many plain flap saddles I have seen. I have a saddle that has the knee roll and thigh block, and I love it on my larger horse, but I find that it really only accommodates one stirrup length. When I lengthen my stirrups for flat work, or if I shorten them one hole more than usual for jumping, I find that the blocks are not in the right place. My horse is tall and narrow through the chest. When I ride a shorter, stockier horse, I also find that the knee rolls interfere. Because this saddle has a plain flap, I am able to lengthen or shorten my stirrup without any interference, and I have used it on a slender type TB, and appendix QH and an stocky type appaloosa and found the flap and panels accommodated all of them.

Quality: If you are in the market for a true close contact saddle (no padded flap, no knee roll or thigh block, just a flap of leather between you and your horse), do yourself a favor and try this saddle. I still can't believe I only paid $320 for it. I paid nearly twice that for an older used Crosby, so I really feel like I got a steal on this saddle!

Summary: Bottom line, I would recommend this saddle to anyone. I'm definitely going to look into this brand in the future if I should need a bridle or martingale.

Rating: 5

Author: S

Date: 2007-04-06

Usefulness Rating: 1.5 out of 5.
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