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Webbers Synthetic Stirrup Straps
English Saddle Fittings/Pads

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Manufacturer: Wintec (View all products by Wintec)

Model: Webbers Synthetic Stirrup Straps (View all Webbers Synthetic Stirrup Straps reviews)

Category: English Saddle Fittings/Pads

Purchase: I purchased my first pair of Webbers at Jansen Bros. for $40.46, in October of 1994. They were marked $44.95 but for some reason I got 10% off. (Jansen Bros. was established in 1863, but is no longer in business, they were located in Buffalo and Orchard Park, New York). My second pair is marked $39.95 and was actually free with the purchase of a Wintec Saddle in 2004. It was from Stagecoach West, in Irving New York. or I wanted synthetic stirrup straps as my leather ones had not worn well (not this brand). I did have problems of stirrup leather rub, but it may have been the style of saddle and or my overly long legs. I purchased the first ones after I lost all of my tack in a barn fire and my new saddle was black.

Likes: I have done no care on these straps and yet they look great. They are easy to put on the stirrup bar; which when trying saddles for a hard to fit horse was a great feature. (Some of those recessed stirrup bars are torture to get a leather stirrup strap around; I actually took a saddle back to the tack shop and the owner took twenty minutes with a helper to get the leathers on). I can easily remove my stirrups for lunging with my saddle on, then replace them. Just unbuckle and slide my stirrups off the end with the loop still on the bar. I haven't been distracted by them; they don't rub.

Dislikes: I have really long legs so I have my 32" Webbers buckled into the second hole up from the bottom for flatwork; in order to adjust the stirrups for jumping I have to take my feet out and pull them up into my lap. With the standard buckle system, I can leave my feet in the stirrups and lesson my weight in them to adjust. Once I did drop the stirrup off of the leather from the saddle. I had to dismount to retrieve it. My horse is also long legged so it took several minutes to go back to the mounting block. It takes an extra step to run up the irons, because there isn't much of a loop when I have them adjusted for my legs; I have to unbuckle the strap and put it in the whole near the stirrup bar then run the stirrups up. Sometimes I just take the stirrups off at the end of the ride and hang them on the wall; because I lunge and do in hand work with my young horse before riding; if he wasn't turned out. I think most riders I have seen would need the 28" size. Think inseam, plus that the stirrups don't go to the top of your crotch, more like mid-thigh, and are single thickness. If I hadn't lost everything in a fire I would have brought my old leathers in for size.

Quality: I love the quality. They look like new after years of daily use and no care. I haven't noticed any stretching, fading or fraying. These stirrups straps are very strong, the manufacturer has tested them to a half ton breaking strength. My first pair was made in Australia and my second was made in Vietnam. It doesn't say if they are made of the same material so I cannot substantiate the claim of the older or newer ones being better. they look the same to me. Someone said they are Leary about the little t (or h as part is inside the strap) shaped metal piece holding that much weight but just the little metal tongue on a buckle holds a traditional stirrup.

Summary: Webbers wear well and look like new after heavy use; my leather ones used to last less than a year looking as good. They haven't left marks on my saddle flaps. I find them easy to change irons on and to change saddles. They are comfortable, with no leg rubbing. The price has gone down considerably since I first purchased them. I had long forgotten the instructions about the metal t-buckle only being buckled in one direction, with the concave side of the curve towards the rider; I have not had a problem. I never forget to cover the buckle/tab with the little protection loop. For safety I always check my tack carefully before I mount. If these ever wear out, I would think the loop around the stirrup bar would get the most wear. I would only purchase a different type if my saddle were London Tan, and then I may try the leather Webbers in Carmel.

Rating: 5

Author: Petty Kash

Date: 2007-04-28

Usefulness Rating: 2.64286 out of 5.
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