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Ivermectin Paste Lot # 7A008 exp Jan 09
Horse Health and Well Being

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Manufacturer: Durvet (View all products by Durvet)

Model: Ivermectin Paste Lot # 7A008 exp Jan 09 (View all Ivermectin Paste Lot # 7A008 exp Jan 09 reviews)

Category: Horse Health and Well Being

Purchase: Being new to the area as I just moved here to North Carolina, I thought I'd check out a horse tack auction. I know that some tack stores will just box up items to take part in this event. I was hoping to find a good deal on something. After enduring the smoke filled barn (yes, they allowed smoking in this barn!) The wormer came up on the block. "Hey, it's time to worm the horses and I DO need some wormer". So I picked up two tubes at $3.50 each.

Likes: The first thing I checked was the expiration date. Yup, it was good to go! This will be my first time not using one of the well known brands. I was apprehensive but read that so many people do use the more generic types and they are approved by vets. I had to take the plunge. Well, the tube is slender and I like that. A little hard to manage with one hand when the horse is tossing you up in the air but I managed. I prefer the slender, syringe type tubes over the fatter ones. My hands are small. It had a pleasant fruity smell although the tube was not marked 'flavored'.

Dislikes: Pulling the corner of the mouth and trying to stick the tube in is always a bi-monthly experience I dread. My feet always end up at least 2 feet off of the ground and I know my horses have a sore neck after the ordeal. No matter how much I have worked with them they never enjoy worming time! Anyway, after dosing them each with the whole tube (they like to hold it in their mouth and spit some out when I walk away) I left them to graze. When I came back outside not 5 minutes later, the horses approached me and saliva poured out of their mouths. At first it was just like a 1/2 cup but then by 2 hours later it was up to 4 cups EACH horse. Thin, watery, but definitely like dog drool consistency. My son was bending over pulling out some nails from a board and my one horse had his head hanging over my sons back. The horse opened his lips and let all of his slobber go, onto my sons back. My son is not an animal person so he was not very impressed. He immediately ran to the house yelling. It was pretty funny to see. I then inspected both horses closely and discovered that they were both VERY slobbery. I was now worried! I called the company to see if anyone else had called them to complain of this or to see if this is a common reaction associated with their product. I was put on hold for up to 20 minutes. Then I was given to some guy that had no idea and put me to another gentleman's voice mail. I left a message in detail and left my phone number twice to ensure it was audible. No one has yet called me back. I don't like a company that doesn't care about what their product may be doing to animals or people. Unsafe in my opinion.

Quality: This wormer is in a thin, cheaply made tube. The screw that measures the dosage didn't work for my tubes. They wouldn't lock in place. The plunger is also very thin and cheesy. Definitely not a product worth over $5.00 compared to the quality of the well known brands. I did, however, like the tube end cap. Nice and big, easy to remove. The paste is the color of Vick's vapor rub and smells fruity. I've never purchased a wormer paste that was clear like this.

Summary: My concern through this whole experience was my horses drooling. I needed to know if this was a normal reaction to this product and to let the company know of this so they could see why their product does this. I also needed to know if it looked like I needed the vet. I received no support from the company. Not even a call back to say "call your vet, it's nothing we've heard of". Would I buy this product again? Absolutely not. I don't find it to be a safe product since the reaction was very scary to me. I think I will stick to a bigger name brand that returns calls and seem genuinely concerned for their customers. This is only my own opinion and being that I am not a professional I cannot state that it was a normal reaction. It very well may have been normal, with a new wormer with flavor added. This is just my own thoughts and expressions.

Rating: 1

Author: Carrie

Date: 2007-05-10

Usefulness Rating: 2.5 out of 5.
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