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Wide 17-/12 in.
All Purpose Saddles

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Manufacturer: Wintec
Model: Wide 17-/12 in.
Category: All Purpose Saddles

Purchase: Bought this saddle from Jeffers and paid $575.00 new #13.00 to ship to my zip code one state away. 3-day return policy if the saddle doesn't fit. Must be returned tho with no marks or blemishes. I kept the saddle. It is quite wonderful.

Likes: I liked the synthetic 'leather' feel. It was grippy and I do not slide around in the seat like a leather saddle especially when a horse spooks. The knee rolls are equisuede so the knees stay put. Very comfortable in the seat and with the CAIR panels it really makes a difference when riding - also my horse can really feel my seat bones with the Wintec Wide and responds to my seat aids. It has a place to tie a small pack on the offside of the saddle for trail riding. Also fits my draft Horse (Percheron)flat backed no withers confirmation. This saddle is not for a withered horse. It has three interchangeable gullets made just for the saddle and it only needed a 42 in. girth (Proformers 1st Choice makes a decent elastic girth with buckle guards like a dressage saddle so the buckles aren't lying flat on the horses side to pinch him). I also have a Wintec Isabell (dressage saddle) that also fits him with the red gullet and a 30 in. girth. So I would say a Wintec Wide with the least wide of the three gullets and a 42 in. girth is the equivalent. Both saddles fit my draft Percheron (modern hitchy tall with less barrel - built more like a warm blood than a draft horse). I put in the widest gullet and I can see where that would fit a really wide drafter, but you would need a martingale for saddle roll I would think, like draft horses with western saddles have to have. One other thing, the panels are flat and lay very well on flat backed horses with plenty of spine clearance on each side. And my horse has absolutely no complaints about this saddle. He's very comfortable with this saddle. PS. You can just clean off this saddle with soap and water and if you get caught in the rain, the saddle is rainproof so there is no worry there like you would with leather.

Dislikes: What's not to like. Wintec has come up with a great saddle for the draft horse rider and a great price. My preference, tho, is to ride a more upright dressage style so I'm always in the Wintec Isabell dressage saddle. This saddle is more for light jumping and trails and forward seat riding. I find it bit low in the front. It only has two fingers under the pommel when seated on my no withered draft horse. If you want to make it higher, you can add wool flocking in the saddle, underneath the CAIR panels (per Wintec). You just open up the gullet, remove the gullet plate and you can get into the saddle to add the wool. I added about an inch of wool to make the saddle less low in the front. I prefer 3 in. of wither clearance while seated. But this is not a complaint, but my preference.

Quality: Saddle is strong. High quality. Latest technology in synthetic saddles. Wintec does its homework.

Summary: If you ride a draft, get a Wintec wide if you want to ride English.

Rating: 5

Author: Draft Horse Rider

Date: 2007-05-13

Usefulness Rating: 2 out of 5.
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