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Derby Originals
Draft Heavy Duty Leather Lunge Caveson 16-4023
Training Equipment

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Manufacturer: Derby Originals (View all products by Derby Originals)

Model: Draft Heavy Duty Leather Lunge Caveson 16-4023 (View all Draft Heavy Duty Leather Lunge Caveson 16-4023 reviews)

Category: Training Equipment

Purchase: I used a search engine to find a draft sized caveson and found one at My husband is a last minute shopper and asked what I most wanted for Christmas and he purchased it for me in 2006 for $69.00 plus shipping.

Likes: I liked that it fit my horse a Clydesdale Standardbred Cross (Lanarkshire Warmblood) without alteration, he is difficult to fit. His noseband is 30", his browband is 18" and his over crown measurement bit to bit with a bit that has big rings (others look tiny on his head) is 47". He takes a 6 and 3/4 inch width bit. It looks sharp on him.

Dislikes: The leather is a bit stiff and the straps are very wide compared to what I am used to from my normal sized Anglo Arab.

Quality: The leather has not bled, though it is a bit stiff. It has a patent sheen to it. The hardware is strong and is wearing well. Not too heavy and not too light.

Summary: I really like this caveson. I purchased it for several reasons: 1) If I wanted to work my horse in the winter when the outside pastures, trails and riding ring were closed (I board) I usually had to share the indoor arena. My horse is green and though I normally lunge in a nylon halter with a 30' cotton line that just has a snap on it, it wasn't enough control when he was next to a bolting bucking Arab or Thoroughbred (he was able to pull me off my feet and change direction without permission). (My horse is missing his left eye so he turned to see). I prefer not to lunge, especially after reading The Truth About Horses by Andrew McLean, but it is better than solitary confinement in a 12 foot cell. 2) I wanted to try to teach some tricks that were easier to teach with a caveson and also to try schooling in hand, after reading Richard Hinrichs book. 3) This spring I am leading my horse on trails I eventually wish to ride on because I have been told that if he spooks from something on his eye side he may run into something on his blind side or step off a ravine. I have not had this problem but people who oppose the existence of one-eyed horses, especially as riding horses, have warned me of this. There have been successful one-eyed jumping horses; mine does jump. I have a lot more control in terms of precision while I teach him to spook in place and move one foot at a time in the direction I ask. He is clicker trained and we target on the monsters, if they aren't alive, after we spook in place. 4) I hate when the halter shifts into his remaining eye. The caveson never shifts. I feel if I take care of the leather this caveson should last me the lifetime of this horse. I find the straps easy to buckle. I am very impressed with the website I ordered from. They ship fast and for a change they offer the measurements on their products beyond other catalogs that say "oversize". The only disappointment was I asked about item 16-4022 a training surcingle saying it's size was 32"-40" (seems too small for a horse) and I didn't receive a response.

Rating: 5

Author: Petty Kash

Date: 2007-05-13

Usefulness Rating: 2.625 out of 5.
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