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Manufacturer: Continental Saddlery
Model: Alabama Pro Reiner
Category: Reining Saddles

Purchase: I have a very growthy colt that we had a terrible time getting a saddle to fit on him. We took the colt to Harrisonville Mo. to The Chap Shop and Rhonda Martin did a saddle fitting on the colt for us. I tried 3 or 4 different saddles and one of them was an Alabama Pro Reiner made by Continental Saddles. I loved the way it sat on this colts back, the flexible tree. I paid 1500.00 for this saddle.

Likes: I love the flexibility of this saddle. It fits all but one of my horses. The horse that it doesn't fit is my 14.3 hand extremely close coupled Arabian/Saddlebred cross mare. It is too long for her. I have used it on 3 of my horses. My 15.3 hand "bulldog" type mare. My 16.2 hand colt and my 23 year old Morgan who is 14.3 hands. My mare used to be a bit cinchy, but the way this saddle is rigged has solved this problem. The best thing about this saddle. I am married to a man who didn't ride. Notice I said didn't. He always said that horseback riding was the most unnatural thing in the world for him to do. He would ride about once a year. Last Sunday he decided that he would go riding with me, because I needed to get my 4 year old filly out on the trails. I saddled up the old Morgan with the Continental for my husband, and put my old Hereford on the filly and away we went. After the ride (one half and hour later) he said that if he knew that horseback riding could be so comfortable he would have taken up years ago. He wants to ride everyday now. I think I need to buy a 2nd Continental.

Dislikes: There is absolutely nothing I dislike about this saddle. I ride 1-3 hours a day, either training, showing or trail riding.

Quality: I was told that the fenders could be constructed a little better. That they were the weakest part of the saddle and would probably wear out before anything on the saddle. We love the color, the lack of silver doesn't hurt the looks. I have found a breast collar and bridle that match this saddle. It is a beautiful outfit.

Summary: Very comfortable, attractive saddle that fits all body types of horses. Love the rigging. It has converted my husband from a non-rider to a rider.

Rating: 5

Author: Michelle George

Date: 2007-05-18

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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