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Mosquito Halt
Fly Control

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Manufacturer: Farnam (View all products by Farnam)

Model: Mosquito Halt (View all Mosquito Halt Repellent Spray for Horses reviews)

Category: Fly Control

Purchase: I purchased Mosquito Halt at TSC for $17.99 plus tax. I had read about it in Michael Plumb's Horse Journal.

Likes: It is highly effective, the scent though strong is not offensive. The spray bottle didn't drip on me. I isn't slippery for my saddle which already has a slipping problem.

Dislikes: The price is hard to swallow. It attracts dust like a magnet. The warning about having to rinse skin that had been sprayed for 15 to 20 minutes was frightening. Says it needs to be reapplied after rain or bathing and I like to hose the sweat off and wash his flymask; I especially wanted to after the spray collected so much dust.

Quality: A lot of testing went into this product and the label claims seem to hold up.

Summary: I put rubber gloves on after reading the label and I put my horse's fly mask on to make sure I didn't get it inadvertently in his eyes or mucous membranes. I made sure there wouldn't be a breeze. It took 4/5th of a bottle to lightly mist my Clydesdale/Standardbred cross gelding 17.2HH 1960lb., I didn't have enough left for my 15.2 HH 800lb. Anglo Arab gelding so I just did his belly, chest, and neck (he wears Cashel leg guards and a Cashel fly mask. Neither horse had a reaction, the Anglo Arab is prone to skin reactions to fly spray. The warmblood made his usual face (flemen), he is sight impaired and seems to have a heightened sense of smell. It said to apply daily for the first three days, then when needed. I didn't get another bottle right away due to the cost so they didn't get the three day treatment. The horseflies had just hatched out and my horses weren't stomping and switching. I sprayed and then rode the warmblood and since it was over 80 with 80% humidity we got sweaty. I rode for 1.5 hours first in the arena then through a knee deep creek and around the hay field on a mowed tractor trail, the field was chest high in grass. He hadn't stomped or swished during our ride. He did shake his head which wasn't sprayed but had the mask on, there were clouds of those small insects that like human and horse faces. I will spray his mask except for the eye and nose areas and let it dry before we ride again. We got back and I took him out to hand graze. One big horsefly came over buzzed around but didn't land. The horses in the nearby turnout were miserable, they all had different brands as the owners buy the fly spray and hang it on the barn door, this is a boarding barn. We were both mud colored because the soil is sandy and we haven't seen rain (fourth dryest May ever) everywhere I sprayed had picked up the dust, I had worn beige breeches which were now very dirty. I didn't see it on my boots. I wanted to rinse us both off but the spray said to reapply after rain or bathing and it is just too expensive. It got all over my synthetic tack so I washed that off. We grazed until the sweat dried and curried with a Grooma. This product out preformed others I have tried and I will keep using it but I do wish they could develop a spot-on fly control that works for horses. I used Endure last year and the farm owner said the flyspray I buy is garbage. My farrier was upset with it also, as my warmblood can stand on one flat foot one toe and still strike flies with his other foot, while leaning on the farrier and hitting him with a tail. I also tried the Farnham spot-on, I will review both later. My horses go out during the hottest most fly prone time since they have the barn on rotation. I'd prefer they wear flysheets but the extra blanketing charge is just too high. I'd prefer they went out nights, but other horses get the prime times. There are no field shelters or shade.

Rating: 4

Author: Petty Kash

Date: 2007-06-03

Usefulness Rating: 2.375 out of 5.
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