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Raven Publishing, Inc.
"Starlight Shines for Miranda" by Janet Muirhead Hill

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Manufacturer: Raven Publishing, Inc. (View all products by Raven Publishing, Inc.)

Model: "Starlight Shines for Miranda" by Janet Muirhead Hill (View all \"Starlight Shines for Miranda\" by Janet Muirhead Hill reviews)

Category: Gifts/Books/Videos

Purchase: While traveling through Yellowstone National Park a few summers ago, picked up the first book for her daughter, since then has ordered the rest direct from the publisher. Cost: $9.00

Likes: "The fifth title in Janet Hill's outstanding series featuring a young girl and her beloved horse, "Starlight shines for Miranda" finds that 12-year-old Miranda and her black stallion Starlight experience a forced spearation causing both the girl and her horse to go "off their feed" as their health deteriorates. The plans of Mr. Taylor (the crotchety owner of Shady Hill Horse Ranch) are in jeopordy until Starlight and Miranda are reunited and find a way to save Mr. Taylor from financial ruin."


Quality: Outstanding overall. A collector's item to pass down through the generations.

Summary: "After finishing the fifth book, I finally decided who Miranda Stevens reminds me of...she is definitely the modern day version of Tom Sawyer!! Her impulsiveness, ability to learn from her mistakes and good heart make her an endearing character and her adventurous spirit, willingness to speak her mind and act on injustice are definitely traits to admire. The plots of the Miranda and Starlight books are exciting and keep readers both young and old totally engaged. I will recommend the books to all of my teacher friends for classroom reading. These are sure to get reluctant young readers going as well!

Rating: 5

Author: Susan Stanaway, teacher, California

Date: 2004-12-02

Usefulness Rating: 2.5 out of 5.
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