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Quilted Heavy Winter Blanket

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Manufacturer: Olympian (View all products by Olympian)

Model: Quilted Heavy Winter Blanket (View all Quilted Heavy Winter Blanket reviews)

Category: Horsewear

Purchase: I purchased these through KVVET for $80 each. I bought two, because I lived in Minnesota and my horses stayed out all winter. Purchased in 2000.

Likes: I got several years of use out of them, despite not being turn-out blankets! They were heavy and durable, and lasted even in a heard setting. Since they were quilted with the small squares, if there was a run in one square it only lasted until the end of the square and not along the entire blanket. They lasted for three years, then I gave away the gelding's because it had faded and needed a few repairs that I did not want to do. The mare's was still in great condition with no tears, but I bought a new one for my old mare and gave my new mare the old blanket (!). I eventually gave away the other blanket after my mare died (and after six years of use on two horses), though it only had a few very minor holes. The third blanket that I bought I still have, and it only has one minor hole in it, so I plan to keep using it. This would be the fifth winter of its use. I replaced the gelding's blanket, as well, but KVVET had stopped carrying Olympian and gave me a Polar, instead. I have been happier with this blanket than any other, and I even used it for 24/7 turnout in a herd with trees!

Dislikes: It is hard to find and I am not even sure if it is made any more. KV Vet stopped carrying it, and I have not been able to find it elsewhere. Mine were quilted with the small squares, not the long tubes running down the body, and I think that made a huge difference for durability.

Quality: I think they were 420 or 600 denier with foam filling. They did not cut the horse's hair or rub on the chest like some blankets do. They were available with or without the bellywrap. Very durable; best use for the money. Mine lasted forever with only minimal wear.

Summary: The best blanket I have found under $150. Perfect for stable use, and I even used mine for turn-out without major consequences. If I can find them, I will buy them again.

Rating: 5

Author: Kari

Date: 2007-08-06

Usefulness Rating: 2.91667 out of 5.
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