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Weaver Leather
Miracle Collar

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Manufacturer: Weaver Leather
Model: Miracle Collar
Category: Horsewear

Purchase: I purchased this from a local tack store for $44 to try on one of my horses, since I have a tendency to purchase cribbers.

Likes: It is soft and flexible, so it doesn't rub as much as the metal or nylon collars, which cause permanent damage to the horse's skin and permanent hair loss.

Dislikes: It didn't work on any of my four cribbers. The leather stretched a loosened very quickly, and all four were still able to crib with the strap on. It also discolored very quickly. A friend has one on her gelding and she needs to replace it annually because the leather breaks. It helps to curb his cribbing habit, but also doesn't stop it completely.

Quality: Leather with metal buckles. The leather straps go over the forehead as well as on the crest of the neck by the poll, so it is stabilized a bit better than a normal crib strap. The bottom of the crib strap is cleft to dig in better to the animal's airway.

Summary: Not worth the money or the hype. It didn't work for 4 of mine or my friend's horse. I have only found one that works well, but it is custom-made by a company in Missouri and can only be purchased from that store. I will try to find their name and get it up if possible.

Rating: 1

Author: Kari

Date: 2007-08-09

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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