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VSM Ltd.
Easy Wormer Drenching Wormer
Horse Miscellaneous

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Manufacturer: VSM Ltd. (View all products by VSM Easy Wormer)

Model: Easy Wormer Drenching Wormer (View all Easy Wormer Drenching Wormer reviews)

Category: Horse Miscellaneous

Purchase: After a month of Marquis treatment for my gelding when he was diagnosed with EPM, my gelding was still not better (except for a small spell of two weeks in which I thought he was cured). I put him on a stronger drug...Navigator. For those who have never given it before, it is like forcing an entire tube of bute in a single dose down your horse's throat. I had a 17 hand thoroughbred and he'd had enough. He could handle the Marquis at two grams twice a day, but not the Navigator, at a full tube every day. He became difficult and it wasn't staying in his mouth. I purchased this from my vet clinic for $30, though I'd seen it at KV for less. It is cheaper even though

Likes: For the most part, I was actually able to give him his daily doses of medicine. This was very important, because each daily dose cost about $50 and a wasted dose also did him no good. It is a bit-like device with a hollow bit and a syringe that allows you to push medicines into the bit and into his mouth. Because the bit is in place, he has trouble spitting it out and can't avoid it unless he lifts his head up high. Because I was dosing my horse with such a huge quantity of medicine, some did come out, although when I tried it on my paint mare for "as intended/dewormer" use, she couldn't get anything out. It comes with its own syringe for medications, or you can insert a tube (like I did for the Navigator and the dewormers) right into the bit. It fits all size horses.

Dislikes: It is pretty simple, and looks like it could break. Mine hasn't, even with daily use, but it doesn't look the sturdiest (but that's just speculation). I really approve of it. The only thing that bothers me is just my pet peeve that they call it "easy wormer" and not "easy dewormer." Oh, well.

Quality: Thin nylon head strap, plastic hollow bit with plunger that is also plastic, and disposable type plastic syringe that can be inserted into the bit. You put the medicine from the bit into the horse's mouth using the plunger. That clears out any remaining medication from the bit.

Summary: This is a good thing to have around if you have a horse that doesn't like his medications (bute, banamine, Navigator, whatever you use orally) or his deworming medications. It is easy to use and one person can do it alone. It won't stop your horse from throwing a fit if he sees the medicine coming toward his mouth (maybe putting a towel over his head will help?) but once you get it up to the bit, you will be able to get it in.

Rating: 4

Author: Kari

Date: 2007-08-21

Usefulness Rating: 2.75 out of 5.
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