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Manufacturer: Courbette
Model: Arosa
Category: Close Contact Saddles

Purchase: I purchased this saddle new for about $800 at a local tack shop approximately a year and a half ago after much researching and debate.

Likes: The price is reasonable, it has a nice look and feel to it. Other than that... Well, that's actually about it.

Dislikes: What I don't like about this saddle... Well, let's start out by saying that it is a piece of junk. It's an alternate that only gets used about once a week at most, but despite that fact, about two months after I bought it, the dye on the flaps started wearing away in big patches underneath the stirrup leathers. I purchased the saddle after reading the manufacturer's literature about how they have a more sophisticated dying process that actually infuses the leather, here is the quote from the website: "Aniline dyeing ensures that the color does not rub off, and that scratches and marks are not easily detectable." WRONG! I have to say that that completely contradicts my experience with their product - the dye continues to rub off every time I ride, and there are plenty of scratches to be seen. I am now stuck with a saddle that has big white patches on the flaps where the dye wore off. I called the manufacturer's number that is listed on the website, and they told me that they do not deal with the public, and that I should call the place where I bought the saddle. I then called the store, where some random person subsequently informed me that it must be wearing because I didn't oil the stirrup leathers well enough. That's interesting consider I oiled the (Stubben) stirrup leathers that I purchased from them three times with the oil that they sold me. All in all, I am extremely disappointed with the performance of this saddle, and I will never purchase another Courbette product.

Quality: Construction and quality of this product are both poor - the saddle is wearing horribly after a year and a half of being used once a week. On top of being poorly constructed, I have yet to find a horse that the saddle actually fits.

Summary: I will never buy another Courbette saddle, and I would definitely not recommend them to anyone else.

Rating: 1

Author: Tip

Date: 2004-01-21

Usefulness Rating: 2.5 out of 5.
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