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Seam Ripper
Tack Room

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Manufacturer: Supra (View all products by Supra)

Model: Seam Ripper (View all Seam Ripper reviews)

Category: Tack Room

Purchase: I needed a fairly easy way to remove braids done with waxed thread. Greenhawk (various Canadian locations) sells a mini seam ripper for .99 cents Cdn on sale. I picked one up a few months ago.

Likes: The blade is sharp and cuts through waxed thread with ease. I was able to remove all of the braids fairly quickly, much to the delight of my horse.

Dislikes: I wish the handle were bigger and textured. The mini seam ripper fits into small braiding kits perfectly but the handle is too small and hard to grip - especially since it is made of smooth plastic. The plastic handle also breaks down after time from the stresses of removing tightly-knotted braids and you have to be careful that it doesn't get banged too hard (while being stored in a tack box for example) or it'll shatter.

Quality: Okay construction but some improvements could be made - mostly in the handle. The blade is metal with a small safety tip on one of the points - the other is left bare to be able to pick out which threads will be cut. It's got a plastic handle and the blade comes with a plastic safety cover.

Summary: As with any tool this sharp, you need to pay attention to what you're doing when removing thread from braids. One slip and you could easily impale yourself or the horse. Always point it away from you and the horse, and make sure that your horse is comfortable and quiet before trying to cut the thread. (If he's annoyed at flies or anything else, you're best to fix the problem and wait until he settles before proceeding). This mini seam ripper is an okay product but I'm still searching for a better one - something that's a little more user friendly.

Rating: 3

Author: Katie W

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 2.42857 out of 5.
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