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Manufacturer: Crest Ridge Saddlery (View all products by Crest Ridge Saddlery)

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Purchase: I bought this saddle from Debora at Crest Ridge Saddlery. What a wonderful company to work with. She took the time and effort walk me through taking several measurements and photos to ensure I finally got a saddle to fit my mutten withered, table top, drafty Moriesian. I got the Crusade Lite which is a hybrid of leather and synthetic and it cost about $635... Fantastic price for the product and service.

Likes: Finally I got a saddle that fit bot me and the horse. The saddle doesn't roll even though my horse has not visible withers, it fits with an even spread of the weight my horse seems very comfortable and flexible in it. It fits my tall 6'2" frame nicely and I have more stirrup length than I have leg and they adjust very short too without much bunching. I love all the rings and long leather ties all of which are mounted too the tree and not to the skirt. If I tie my pack to the back it'll stay put. The seat is deep and comfortable and puts me in the correct "Dressage" form and not in a chair seat.

Dislikes: Only thing that was wrong with it was a small dent in the horn when I took it out of the box. I really wasn't about to complain and almost happy it came with a blemish. I'm the type of person to beat myself up if I put the first mark on a saddle. Now I don't have to :)

Quality: Beautifully constructed. Leather in all the places you want it yet synthetic to help keep the weight down. Brilliant. As stated earlier all ties and rings are mounted to the tree itself. I feel like I got a lot more saddle than the price I paid.

Summary: I highly recommend this company. Great customer service which you never seem to get now days. Very willing to help you through all the measurements to make sure you get the right fit and what surprised me more is how kind they were to extend my trial period when my horse injured herself the day before my saddle shipped!

Rating: 5

Author: Lindsay

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 2 out of 5.
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