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Manufacturer: Crest Ridge Saddlery
Model: Crusade
Category: Trail Saddles

Purchase: G'Day, I was surfing the net, looking for a saddle that was going to take my rather largish and a wobbly butt but was short enough not to impede my horse's actions, and sit on his loins. Site after site in Australia had nothing and then I ventured out into the real world. I Liked the plantation saddles so I sent a few emails to the various manufacturers, and the first response I got was from Crest Ridge, so I asked a 101 questions - in hindsight some incredibly stupid - which every question was answered. Pictures of the handsome yet slightly smallish 2yr colt were sent, with his measurements. My heart was broken there was no way the Plantation saddle would fit my horse, but the recommendation was the Crusade, and a picture was sent back with it. I looked at it, sideways, upside down, lifted an eyebrow and thought "Okay old girl, it looks like a half breed Aussie Stockie, but missing the knee pads, one could have a nasty accident without knee pads, and what are those leather strings hanging down at the back". So the really stupid questions started. We won't go into those as they are quite embarrassing to myself. All I can say is the ladies at Crest Ridge have incredible patience, plus a great sense of humour. (Obviously they thought I did a runner from somewhere....) So I ordered the saddle at US$943.00 upgraded the stirrups to the Tapadero, US$55.00. Plus a bridle, and a breast plate (collar) and reins, then freight on top of it... Okay I went totally troppo!

Likes: It is the same as the picture on the Crest Ridge Web Site. Only better, the quality of leather is excellent, it is thick. I got those leather things hanging down at the back, I thought for the price it would be fake sheepskin, well was I sadly mistaken it was real sheepskin, which sent the Australian Quarantine into a tail spin. Unheard of here, came with Stainless fittings! Rode both of my horse's in it, and found that I don't need those 'girlie knee pads', as I was really secure and comfortable in where the saddle put me. Where the stirrups (sorry fenders) hung from it was a comfortable position.

Dislikes: I had to put it on a horse, and make it dirty. I just stand and look at the saddle on the rack, and want to ride instead of going to work....

Quality: Saddle is Leather, has stainless fittings, did I tell ya it has real sheepskin? Plus those funny leather strings hanging down, very long, have no idea what they are for, but they look great. Tree is wood with a fibreglass covering. The seat is PADDED - yes what a fantastic idea that is.

Summary: Summarise my thoughts eh... Service is excellent, quality is excellent. Australia Post won't deliver parcels over 75"'s girth, Debra offered to give my money back as FEDEX & UPS were expensive, which I appreciated, BUT I really wanted the saddle. So at the end of the day, I felt like I was dealing with a Saddler down the road, because every step of the way I was kept informed, and they really really do care if the saddle fits. I live in Australia, they could of sold me a saddle that didn't fit, and said "Stupid Aussie Sheila", collected my money and forgotten about me. BUT no, they went out of their to make sure it fitted, and then chased me up to get the photo's of the fitting. So next time I want to buy a saddle, I will be contacting Crest Ridge Saddlery.

Rating: 5

Author: Wendy in Australia

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 2.5 out of 5.
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