Treat Hanger
Horse Treats

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Manufacturer: Likit
Model: Treat Hanger
Category: Horse Treats

Purchase: Farm supply store, about $14.

Likes: The concept of a treat hanger in a 'lick' form in itself is a good idea, especially for stall-confined horses. It provides animals a chance to get a little bit longer lasting enjoyment from the treat, versus a mouthful or two from traditional treats that are literally gulped down in seconds, having horses immediately begging for more. But like the packaging says, horses can and will over-consume this sweet-tasting product if given the opportunity!

Dislikes: My dislikes for the product are: First, if hung from a rope high from a stall wall, a horse can bonk himself over and over again until he learns to master holding the dispenser in place against the wall so that he can start licking it. My second dislike is that once a horse learns how to hold the dispenser against the wall, he can actually chomp big pieces out of the treat; thereby eating it instead of licking it. (Contrary to its looks, the "lick" isn't solid like salt blocks are; but almost like chalky fudge). Third, the "exposed" part of the lick (the lick, which is sandwiched between two 'discs' made of plastic) doesn't have enough exposed surface area for an adult horse to get their full tongue on; rather they can lick like half of the lick and then end up "licking" part of the upper or lower disc (which have "tooth-like" ridges on them of an unknown purpose). I found that my mare did not like the feeling of the bumpy "teeth" structures on her tongue as she licked, and consequently taught herself how to bite the treat off in chunks in order to consume it.

Quality: The plastic holder/dispenser consists of 2 circular plastic discs that the treat is placed between, a plastic "pole" that slides through the disc-treat-disc assembly and is then secured by a metal trigger-type snap. Some dispensers come with rope to hang it up along with a snap, and some don't include these, and there is another variety of holder that looks like a red apple (where the top and bottom portions of the plastic "apple" function like the discs mentioned above.)

Summary: Well...the treat dispenser is still hanging on the wall of my mare's stall, devoid of any treat except for a small portion that she wasn't able to get her teeth a hold of, which may be indicative that I haven't rushed out to buy her another Likit treat to put in it. For this product to be successful, I think 1 or 2 things needs to happen: (1) a new design for the treat dispenser should be engineered to allow the treat to be more "lickable" to the horse and (2) that the treats should be more solid like salt blocks so that horses can't bite chunks off of them.

Rating: 3

Author: Rebecca G.

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 3.33333 out of 5.
3 reader(s) voted.

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