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Manufacturer: PonyPops.com
Model: Pony Pops
Category: Horse Treats

Purchase: I purchased 6 Pony Pops from Valley Vet for $59.75 including shipping. I purchased them for my three horses (2 Arabians and a Mini-Horse) to keep them from being bored. We have relocated and they are being boarded in stalls (they are used to being on 24/7 turnout). I thought that they could help with boredom and would taste great!

Likes: The horses loved the Pony Pops. They were instantly attracted and seemed to love all of the flavors (apple, carrot, and peppermint).

Dislikes: The Pony Pops are STICKY! I used ropes to hang them and my horses weer a mess in the morning. The barn owner called and when she tried to halter the horse, the halter stuck to his face, my other horse's nose stuck to her cheek, and my mini's entire face and forelock were covered in sticky. After work, I had to try to clean them up with baby wipes which worked ok. I believe that had I used the holder they sell, I may have had a better experience but, I am boarding and cannot exactly attach things to the stalls.

Quality: The pops are good quality but, the horses went through them in a day. This means that I spent almost sixty dollars for one day's worth of treats! (I gave each horse two pops.)

Summary: Overall, I like the product and the idea. However, I'd not purchase them again without the holder (which seems overpriced at an average of $50). I'd be inclined to try to make my own at a much cheaper cost.

Rating: 3

Author: Michelle/arabhorselover1

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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