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Manufacturer: Heather Moffett Enlightened Equitation (View all products by Heather Moffett)

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Category: Dressage Saddles

Purchase: When I switched to dressage I started looking for a comfortable and balanced saddle that would fit multiple horses as I don't own my own. I tried several trial models before I fell in love with the Vogue dressage and paid $2500. Go to for more info.

Likes: I just wanted a comfortable dressage saddle that put me in a balanced position and fit many different horses, so I started looking at adjustable tree and treeless saddles. I bought a Wintec Pro, Barefoot London, Cashel Softsaddle, and a Thorowgood saddle but there was something wrong with all of them. Finally I broke down and ordered a trial Fhoenix saddle from Shannon Olson, the main US distributor for Fhoenix saddles. Best decision I ever made!!! She was very helpful and informative. I tried the Fhoenix Standard GP, a prototype model, the Vogue dressage and a Plus Size Standard and the best by far is the Vogue. This saddle is awesome!!! The seat is memory foam and moulds to you within minutes, no more sore seat bones! The set back stirrup bars and the flap put you in a perfect position and it fits virtually any horse even with very high withers to flat back with no withers! I love that I don't have to struggle to maintain my position and it has a twist even on a wide horse so you don't feel like you're riding bareback. It really feels and looks very much like a traditional treed saddle, but much more comfortable, versatile and balanced. You can change out the panels on the underside and add shims to fit different types of backs, its very convenient.

Dislikes: The Vogue is absolutely perfect!!! The two larger size Fhoenix Standards I tried had an issue with the pommel collapsing on the withers while you rode so they were not suitable for high withered horses but fine for low withers. The pommel is made of soft memory foam, so it would not hurt the withers even when sitting on them. If you have a very high withered horse, get a Vogue!!! The other thing to be aware of is that you do have to tighten your girth quite a bit at the beginning and in the middle of your ride as the saddle settles down as you sit in it.

Quality: This saddle is made with the finest leather I have ever seen. The saddle is made with soft Italian leather throughout and the billets are very strong and supple. I got the suede seat and it looks like it will last a lifetime. These saddles are hand made in England as you order them. The craftsmanship and stitching is beautiful. The leather requires no break in at all because its so soft. I have ridden in many much more expensive saddles and none of them compare to the quality of materials of the Vogue. The customer service is absolutely excellent! When I had a problem with a saddle I received and had to send it back everything was handled very quick and very professional. Best saddle, best quality and best customer service ever!!!

Summary: I loved this saddle so much I'm looking into becoming a sales representative myself! These saddles are made in England and are just starting to be known in the US; I want to spread the word! This is the best saddle I have ever tried and the price is more than worth it. Order a trial saddle and ride in it for a week, your horse will thank you and won't want to send it back! One sit in this saddle and you will be hooked! They now come in GP flap and GP forward flap to suit any riding discipline you choose. With the Vogue you can say bye to your saddle fitter and not have to worry that your saddle may be hurting your horse. TRY A VOGUE TODAY!!! YOU AND YOUR HORSE DESERVE IT!!!

Rating: 5

Author: Marina

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 3.16 out of 5.
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