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Roxane S Deluxe
Jumping Saddles

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Manufacturer: Stubben (View all products by Stubben)

Model: Roxane S Deluxe (View all Roxane S Deluxe reviews)

Category: Jumping Saddles

Purchase: I had for years been looking for the perfect jumping saddle, having owned or tried just about every brand out there. I don't like monoflap saddles, do like close contact, but find most saddles with blocks, movable or fixed, wanting in some manner. The Roxane seemed to enjoy much popularity in the hunt field and in eventing's cross country, so I carefully researched this Stubben model, finding a Roxane S Deluxe new for $2100.00 at the Hitching Post in Kentucky, with FREE Stubben leathers and FREE shipping/insurance. (Shipped that afternoon, too - arrived three days later!!!)

Likes: EVERYTHING!!! Where to start? The color - it's called "Ebony", but it's not black, instead, a rich deep dark brown, all over - no different colors anywhere. This is GREAT, because I am so sick of getting lovely, two, three tone saddles only to have them become stained in odd places from slopped oil or the horse's sweat. Light colored back panels always get "high water lines" if not in dark leather. This saddle is a 17 1/2 31 cm, perfect, seemingly custom made sizing for both my large Arab, and my TB/1/2 draft. Both horses went instantly better than in other top quality brand saddles, their shoulders were free and loose, they rounded happily instantly, giving in the hand. I felt very secure and comfortable from the start. After four rides, (on two different horses,) the flaps softened to the point where I could feel the back calf block, the wonderful soft leather over the blocks molded sweetly into a custom made feel for my position. The pommel is just right - not too high, but it stays up and out of the way of a high withered horse, all throughout the ride, unlike some saddles where they start out seeming to fit high enough, only to flatten down dangerously close to, or even touching the pad/wither an hour later. I just could not believe how happy my guys were in this tack! I'd had problems with the Arab stiffing and going with a choppy gait and I thought he was just ornery in nature. Two steps out under the Roxane he was a totally different horse ~ goes like a floating cloud in stride, stopped pulling and hardening in the jaw. My TB/draft dropped his head and walked right out instead of trying to jog off as usual. Both horses did all three gait transitions effortlessly, no resistance whatsoever. I could KICK myself for not seeing that their former problems were in saddle fit! The Crosbys and Pessoas fit technically, in spine clearance, gullet width, etc., but for some reason, both horses just didn't move well in those brands.

Dislikes: There is nothing I don't like about this beautiful Stubben. I have a 1994 model Siegfried, but it's gullet is too wide for my guys. The 31cm Roxane fits like custom made.

Quality: Stunning. Color, see above, stays. No run off, no streaking. The leather after two rides began to take my shape, like a fine quality glove. The billets are of one strong piece of leather, not doubled and stitched like some brands, only to unravel in months. The billet guards are attached up in the seat, so they won't drop off or get lost, and you don't have to pull one out to attach pad loops (YIPEE!!!) The saddle has the two dees on the right for a sandwich case, unlike a lot of those $4500.00 and up saddles that are fairly useless, for that reason, in the hunting field or appointment classes. (I never figured that out... why $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ saddles can't have these dees.... how much could they weigh???)

Summary: I am just crazy about this beautiful saddle. I love my Siegfried, but this new style/model has all of its great features along with the fabulous all-ebony color, the secure big front and back blocks, a soft grippy leather, and Stubben's famous ability to fit almost every horse it's ever put on, without shifting or sliding.

Rating: 5

Author: luvthepintos

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 3.53659 out of 5.
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