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Del Mar Helmet Co., Inc.
Classico Equestrian Protective Headgear
English Chaps/Boots/Helmets

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Manufacturer: Del Mar Helmet Co., Inc. (View all products by Del Mar Helmet Company)

Model: Classico Equestrian Protective Headgear (View all Classico Equestrian Protective Headgear reviews)

Category: English Chaps/Boots/Helmets

Purchase: This protective headgear was purchased on-line for a mounted patrol class which my horse and I are taking. I purchased the helmet in March 2008, and only use it one day a week for my three hour class. When the helmet is not with me, it is stored in the original box and in the plastic it came in in my tack room, which is shaded by trees and stays a comfortable temperature, never over 90 degrees. I paid over $30.00 for this headgear.

Likes: I love the light weight and comfort. I can use the headgear with a hair barrette and sweatband and still be comfortable. The visor has really been nice on those days when the sun is out bright. The certification (SEI ASTM F1446/F1163-01)was a must for the class I am taking.

Dislikes: My headgear is falling apart. The blue coating is coming apart from the lower area/seam of the helmet. Even the visor seems visibly ready to fall off. It has not been in a fall, but seems "lumpy" on the outer shell. Everything on the inside is in tact and holding together.

Quality: When I got my order, I was very pleased with the construction, quality and comfort of the helmet, but after less than 30 hours of use, wearing it only three hours a week, and seeing this headgear that is being worn to save my head falling apart literally at the seams, I am not at all confident of the safety, construction or quality of this helmet.

Summary: Taking a class to be a Mounted Patrol Officer was a huge decision and I have never regretted one minute of my instruction. It has been very costly and time consuming on my part. The safety helmet was a requirement for all the students. "No Certified Protective Headgear, No lessons" When I got my helmet and wore it for the first time, I felt safe and got several good comments on how attractive the unit looked. Class mates asked me which company and other questions regarding my helmet. Now, however I do not feel so safe using this helmet, and it is not looking so attractive with the blue coating coming out of the seams around the outer edges. I feel it just is not right that a person spends money to have a safety device that just literally falls apart at the seams after just a few hours of use. I would not recommend this helmet now for sure. Unfortunately, I did recommend it a few months back and some of my class mates got one too.

Rating: 1

Author: MoBe604

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 2.92857 out of 5.
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