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Manufacturer: Hilason (View all products by Hilason Saddlery)

Model: Treeless (View all Treeless Barrel Saddle reviews)

Category: Barrel Saddles

Purchase: I bought 3 saddles online through their web site. I wanted a treeless saddle and did not want to pay the high price of the bob marshalls. Well, live and learn! First I ordered 3 14 inch saddles after talking in depth with the salesman to get the correct size. They claimed you order a size bigger then you usually ride. Well, they sent me a 14", 15" and 16" inch saddle. Not 3 14" saddles as I ordered. As if that was not bad enough the 14" was even too big. So I sent them back. I was told that they would have my new 13" saddles shipped out the same time as the others were going back to them. This did not happen. I had to wait 2 weeks before the owner ever called me after he told me several times of a specific date and time he would call. Well, he finally called 2 weeks later and we went into DETAIL about what I needed and what saddles I exactly wanted and colors. He said the saddles would be shipped out the first of June. Well, finally the middle of June I called and said to cancel my order I have waited long enough. He said he appreciated my patience and my saddles were shipping out the next day. I said I just wanted a refund and he said he really appreciated my patience. I told him I wanted 3 free saddles pads then for my patience and he said he could not do that. I told him that if I did not have 3 free pads I wanted my order canceled. Well, they sent my order out and I finally got it and told the UPS driver to open the box so I could see if they sent me the correct items. Well....SURPRISE...LOL...First off there was only 2 pads, second the saddles were not even the leather color that I requested. and third I ordered one saddle with cut outs in the seat and those were not even the correct color. So I sent the box back marked refused and called them and told them to credit my card for the $1,500 and to this day 10 days later , they still have not and I have not heard anything from them.

Likes: The only thing I liked was the treeless feel. My horse was very relaxed in it. Not that it was the Hilson saddle that made him feel that way, it was the treeless effect itself.

Dislikes: I did not like that they paint the leather and then seal it with polyurethane. You never get a real oiled saddle the saddle is PAINTED the color it is. I did not like that the stirrups had cheap buckles for adjustments just like on a cheap kids saddle. I did not like the stirrups, they were small in width and padded which made them look cheap. I did not like that the stirrups swung badly when you rode making you feel very out of balance. The saddle horns were long and thin like a cutting saddle horn. The saddle rolled badly. I could not get it tight enough on my horse to not roll when I mounted and I am only 100#.

Quality: The leather was not the best quality and it was painted. The construction was average. I did not feel that they used enough padding on the underside of the saddle. If your looking for a cheap treeless saddle, this is the way to go. This saddle is cheap every way you look at it.

Summary: The company it TERRIBLE. They are only out to get your money. They have SLOW service. All in all I needed 3 saddles within 7 days and was told I would have 3 in 7 days and after it was all said and done I had to wait 3 months. I was told they were making my saddles for me and asked me exactaly what I wanted and told me they would be ready in 30 days. I had to wait 2 additional months and then received the WRONG items. Not even in the color of PAINTED leather I requested. The saddles are cheap and the fenders and stirrups are funky. They roll terrible, I would not want to run barrels in this saddle.

Rating: 1

Author: selina

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 4.16438 out of 5.
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