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Deluxe PolarTec 200 Blanket Liner

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Manufacturer: Saratoga (View all products by Saratoga Horseworks)

Model: Deluxe PolarTec 200 Blanket Liner (View all Deluxe PolarTec 200 Blanket Liner reviews)

Category: Horsewear

Purchase: I paid about $90 for this blanket, purchased from Dover Saddlery. Because I started trailering to ride this past winter, I needed a wearable-style cooler for my horse to wear in the trailer home to prevent chills. I also wanted a liner-layer to add warmth to my horse's rain sheet at times when it was too cool to use just a rain sheet, but not cold enough for her 250 fill winter turnout blanket. I am in North Georgia, so in this climate there are often times when the horses need a light layer and rain protection without pulling out the big guns.

Likes: I love the low-profile. It is closed front, so there are no buckles to be bulky when used as an underlayer. I love that the surcingle is double closure Velco, again eliminating bulk and making things quick and easy. This blanket is HIGH quality, especially compared to other "polarfleece" blankets. It has not pilled or thinned with repeated use. The fabric wicks better and makes a better, faster drying cooler than my teknodri square cooler. It also dries out after use MUCH faster than the square cooler. Though I would never choose to use this as a solo turnout blanket or all weather blanket, it saved my horse when we got caught on the road in downpours last weekend. What started out as a very warm day perfect for travelling un-blanketed turned into a wet, shivering, chilled mess when the downpour started. I immediately pulled into a gas station to check out the situation. Because PolarTec is a synthetic that retains its warmth even when wet (as all serious outdoorsmen know), I did not hesitate to pull this blanket out for her, even though the rain continued. She was immediately comfortable, and did not shiver at all the rest of the rainy trip. The shoulder area is lined with nylon, so there is no rubbing when I use it under her blanket. I bought as size 78 for my TB, which is the perfect close, stretchy, athletic fit that it is designed for. However, when I needed to use it in a pinch for my size 69 Arabian, it fit like a normal loose sheet would, so there was no danger of excess fabric hanging anywhere. So in my case, it worked out that the blanket is completely interchangeable between my 14.3 hh horse and my 16 hh horse. I've never had any trouble with it shifting underneath her rainsheet. Overall, I think this has been my best, most versitile, most useful horse-related purchase in the past 5 years.

Dislikes: Athough it does come with dees for leg straps, the leg straps themselves are not included. Leg straps are a must for trailering with any blanket in an open sided trailer to prevent the end of the blanket from getting flipped up to the horse's withers. The price is a little high compared to other "polarfleece" blankets. But, this blanket is worth it because of the superior fabric and construction.

Quality: Well constructed, no defects in the stitching, top quality fabric. The dees for the leg straps appear very secure. I have used this blanket heavily for 5 months now, and the only sign of wear is the horse hair on the blanket.

Summary: A great blanket liner, cooler, and trailer blanket. I would recommend it to anyone. I was planning to purchase a second one to have on hand for my retired Arabian until I realize the one I have will do for him as well. This has been a real asset for my horse.

Rating: 5

Author: liz

Date: 2005-04-04

Usefulness Rating: 2 out of 5.
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