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Manufacturer: Cavallo
Model: Simple Boots
Category: Horse Boots and Wraps

Purchase: My daughter and I trail ride almost every weekend. I got tired of picking my mount according to who still had on the most shoes between farrier visits. I bought several Easy Boots but had little luck keeping them on and the cable on one of them frayed in half the first time I used it. I had a ride planned for the weekend and my racking mare had lost both front shoes so I decided to file off the rough edges, measure her foot and order a set of the Cavallo Simple Boots. They fit fine right out of the box and she wore them on and off for a couple of days in the pasture. I took her on a 2.5 hour ride on Saturday and the results were great. This mare is very surefooted and I was afraid that the boots might negatively affect that or her gait but she was as surefooted as ever and never missed a beat! We covered some very rocky ground, up and down hills, through creeks with steep banks and sandy bottoms, through cutover with deadfall and stumps and even through a pond chest deep! All in all I was very pleased with the Simple Boots and so was my mare. She stayed in front like she always does and didn't seem at all bothered by the boots. My daughter's horse rode in one Easy Boot that eventually ended up in my saddle bag because it kept falling off. I purchased the boots for $119.95 online from Jeffers (free shipping) and will be getting a set for my daughter's mare next week.

Likes: The boots appear to be well made. I like the overlap and all the Velcro. They fit snug so there's no twisting or flapping up and down. They drain nicely and considering how many creeks and the pond we crossed I was amazed at how little sand and mud ended up inside of the boot. The traction is good without being too aggressive for my gaited mare. I didn't notice any slipping or stumbling. After 2.5 hours she did develop a small "blister" on the pastern area of one leg but showed no tenderness in that or any other area. I hope to keep our mares barefoot from now on and use these boots for trail rides.

Dislikes: I was pleased with every aspect of the boot except that the "keeper" over the straps kept coming lose. These are the newest model boots with a single Velcro keeper over both straps. They simply would not stay fastened. The straps themselves never came loose but the keeper did do some flapping around. I will probably try to keep it shut with a small piece of vet wrap or install a snap of some description.

Quality: The quality of the boot is nice, it's well built without being heavy or bulky. Since I've only used them once it's hard to say how they will hold up but I've got high hopes.

Summary: I will be buying at least one more set of the Cavallo Simple Boots and intend to give them a try on my mares through the next farrier visit. If all goes well I'll pull the shoes off all my saddle horses (4)and buy front boots for everyone and leave them barefoot in the rear (if possible). I would feel comfortable at this point recommending these boots to friends.

Rating: 5

Author: BethQ

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 4.55556 out of 5.
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