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Down Under Saddle Supply

Welcome to Down Under Saddle Supply. We specialize in Australian horse saddles, tack and clothing - all your Aussie saddle needs. You can count on us to provide expert advice, quality products, and top notch customer service. We also have excellent Exmoor English saddles! Take a look at our unique product selection

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Number of products made by this manufacturer: 24

Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating
Longreach Endurance4Trail Saddles4.5000
Kimberley Economy 1Trail Saddles5.0000
Kimberley Poley Saddle SAD2151Trail Saddles4.0000
Kimberley Stock - SAD2101Trail Saddles5.0000
Kimberley Trailmaster2Trail Saddles4.0000
The Kimberley Stock (SAD 210)1Trail Saddles5.0000
Lite Rider Endurance1Trail Saddles4.0000
Longreach Endurance Saddle With Horn1Trail Saddles5.0000
Kimberley Superior Poley2Trail Saddles2.5000
Down Under Stockman1Trail Saddles5.0000
Kimberley Lite Rider1Trail Saddles5.0000
Trailmaster2Trail Saddles5.0000
LongReach Endurance Hornless2Trail Saddles4.5000
Campdraft Special1Trail Saddles4.0000
Kimberley Stock Saddle1All Purpose Saddles4.0000
Stockman1Trail Saddles2.0000
Kimberley Superior Poley w/o horn1Trail Saddles5.0000
Longreach Endurance Saddle1Trail Saddles5.0000
Kimberley Synthetic Endurance Saddle1Trail Saddles1.0000
Exmoor (Kimberly) synthetic Australian endurance saddle with horn1Trail Saddles1.0000
Wizzard Poley 1Trail Saddles5.0000
Kimberley Synthetic Stock SAD 280 2Trail Saddles5.0000
The Legend Australian Saddle1Trail Saddles5.0000
Kimberley Outback Australian Saddle1Trail Saddles5.0000
Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating