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All Purpose Saddles

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Number of products found: 372

Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating
Miller\'s SaddlerySr. Event Saddle14.0000
BatesCaprilli All Purpose with CAIR Panel System 54.4000
Chick\'s SaddleryBeginners Saddle Package33.6667
Ascot InternationalEnglish Riding Saddle for Draft Horses15.0000
JeffriesFalcon Event25.0000
WintecGeneral Purpose 2000 with Cair24.5000
AlbionLegend 5000 General Purpose MW15.0000
WintecWestern and English14.0000
GFS / FieldhouseVSD15.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Show Jumper15.0000
Arabian Saddle CompanySolstice Endurance Saddle35.0000
Ascot InternationalDraft English 14.0000
TrekkerTreeless saddle15.0000
Ascot InternationalRiding/Eventing/Jumping Saddle14.0000
BatesCaprilli All Purpose saddle53.8000
StubbenSiegfried All Purpose Saddle35.0000
Synergist SaddlesDSS English Endurance Saddle13.0000
Frontier Saddlery11.0000
RivieraNewport Synthetic Saddle11.0000
ThorowgoodSupreme A/P saddle14.0000
Action Co.Fitform Treeless Saddle14.0000
StubbenVSS Saddle25.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Eventer Saddle15.0000
StubbenEdelweiss CS24.0000
Silver FoxAll Purpose11.0000
BarnsbyOmega All Purpose Saddle34.3333
CollegiateSenior Event All Purpose Saddle114.7273
WintecPony 250 Saddle 14.0000
King SeriesEvent15.0000
BatesCaprilli All Purpose CAIR 2004 Model15.0000
Thornhill SaddlesPro-Trainer Event Saddle42.7500
WintecPro Sport (older model)15.0000
CourbetteBaron Von Trenck15.0000
BlackburnSynthetic English Saddle In Havana15.0000
CourbetteMagic All-Purpose Saddle23.0000
KincadePurpose Saddle14.0000
Chick\'s SaddleryChick\\\'s Close Contact Beginner Package14.0000
PessoaRodrigo Gen X AP Saddle14.0000
KincadeRedi-Ride Synthetic AP Saddle 52.6000
WintecNew Wide All Purpose w/ CAIR15.0000
Bordeaux SaddleryAll purpose child size12.0000
BT CrumpZaldi15.0000
Ascot International19\\\" Military Patrol Saddle - Extra Wide12.0000
CourbetteAristoKrat all-purpose14.0000
CavalierImperial Derwent All Purpose Saddle41.7500
Blue RibbonThe Bedford Rigid Tree English Saddle15.0000
Reactor PanelVSD Summit & Endurance15.0000
StubbenColumbo II15.0000
StubbenRoxane VSS35.0000
Team SAll Purpose Saddle22.5000
TrekkerAll Leather Endurance w/o Horn15.0000
Silver FoxAll Purpose Saddle23.0000
Duett SaddleryRhondo 315.0000
Reactor PanelReactor Panel11.0000
CambridgeAll-Purpose saddle21.0000
Thornhill SaddlesPro-Trainer 24K Platnium14.0000
FreeformBlack Leather 14.0000
CrosbySofride 54.8000
Cowboy JustusBareback Pad23.5000
CrosbySofRide AP Event24.5000
StubbenRoxane All Purpose Saddle15.0000
Thornhill Saddles#12100 Jorge Canaves Berlin11.0000
BarnsbyMary King Event15.0000
Saint Lourdes SaddleryModena All Purpose53.8000
Team SAll Purpose13.0000
Thornhill SaddlesEvent15.0000
WintecEndurance Pro32.0000
Blue RibbonWork Saddle15.0000
CrosbyMark VI33.3333
Harry Dabbs / Jaguar SaddlesEquitation15.0000
WintecEndurance Pro with CAIR12.0000
StubbenSeigfreid 15.0000
Berney BrothersAll Purpose15.0000
BridgehouseChangeable gullet system15.0000
ThorowgoodGriffin High Wither Selecta15.0000
CourbetteHusar 15.0000
UnknownAll purpose leather saddle12.0000
GreenhawkAll Purpose Saddle Package14.0000
Silver FoxLeather Saddle11.0000
Little JoeBareback Saddle15.0000
WintecPro-Stock Aussie14.0000
AbettaCordura Synthetic 13.0000
Derby OriginalsGeneral Purpose Saddle11.0000
WintecSaddle 2000 with CAIR25.0000
Goldfinch Treeless SaddlesFreeform15.0000
CourbetteCresta VSS14.0000
Thornhill SaddlesPro Am All Purpose25.0000
WintecAll Purpose 500 spring tree, cair, changeable gullet15.0000
StubbenSeigfried VSS15.0000
Nice SaddleryHavana 14.0000
Kieffer MunchenEssen AJ15.0000
Wintec 50014.0000
BlackburnSynthetic 18\\\" All purpose15.0000
ThorowgoodGriffin Broadback All Purpose15.0000
SupraSupra Synthetic GP Saddle 14.0000
StubbenSeigfried Extra15.0000
CourbetteVision All Purpose25.0000
Lovatt & RickettsAll Purpose25.0000
CourbetteGalant All Purpose Jumping Saddle 25.0000
RegencySaddleseat 20\\\"13.0000
GFS / FieldhousePro Event25.0000
FreeformTreeless Saddle35.0000
ThorowgoodMaxam / Griffin15.0000
County SaddleryEventer15.0000
WintecPro 2000 with CAIR15.0000
AntillAll Purpose Saddles14.0000
WintecPro 200012.0000
Schleese SaddleryJES Advanced GP15.0000
ThorowgoodMaxam All Purpose Quarter Horse XW15.0000
WintecAll Purpose Wide33.0000
TuendTreeless Saddle15.0000
Thornhill SaddlesJorge Canaves Berlin - Wide14.0000
CollegiateConvertible Senior Event Saddle54.6000
CourbetteJumping Saddle15.0000
ThorowgoodBlack Synthetic 17.5\\\"14.0000
Berney BrothersHunting Saddle14.0000
BlackburnEnglish AP in black15.0000
WhippyAll Purpose Saddle15.0000
Enlightened EquitationFhoenix Saddle (prolite, GP, 17\\\").13.0000
ThorowgoodMaxim Cob11.0000
Dover SaddleryAmateur Owner All-Purpose (Huntseat) Saddle15.0000
HubertusKosak All Purpose15.0000
ThorowgoodGriffin GP14.0000
StubbenSiegfried VSD DL15.0000
WintecSaddle 200014.0000
Beval SaddleryGladstone15.0000
Syd HillSuper Suprema15.0000
StubbenAll Purpose Saddle25.0000
Lovatt & RickettsGeneral Purpose 15.0000
Bob MarshallEndurance All-Purpose Saddle13.0000
Silver FoxAll-Purpose Saddle21.5000
BatesCaprilli AP 18\\\" Saddle with Cair and Gullet system15.0000
Duett SaddleryRondo23.5000
StubbenSiegfried VSD33.6667
WintecWide All Purpose Saddle - Cair and adjustable gullet15.0000
Eli MillerBuena Vista15.0000
ThorowgoodMaxam Cob GP14.0000
GFS / FieldhouseVSD Saddle13.0000
ThorowgoodMaxam with Fish System15.0000
ThorowgoodMaxum AP XW14.0000
Ascot InternationalDraft Size All Purpose English Saddle15.0000
StubbenSiegfried 54.4000
Ascot InternationalLead Line Saddle11.0000
Dover SaddleryChildren\\\'s Circuit Pony Saddle15.0000
Kieffer MunchenSalzberg All-Purpose Saddle14.0000
Black CountryWexford All Purpose15.0000
WintecAll Purpose 2000 with CAIR144.0714
PessoaPony Saddle34.3333
Crest Ridge SaddlerySonata25.0000
Bruno De HeuschAll-Purpose Saddle15.0000
ThorowgoodMaxam All (General) Purpose Saddle11.0000
FreeformClassic Treeless Saddle15.0000
ThorowgoodMaxam Quarter Horse All Purpose 12.0000
Coleman-Croft SaddlerySovereign15.0000
CollegiateSenior Event (non adjustable tree)14.0000
CashelSoft Saddle63.5000
Reactor PanelVSD Traditional24.0000
CortinaAll Purpose15.0000
WintecChild\\\'s Cordura English Leadline Saddle15.0000
Kieffer MunchenGenf 34.6667
Thornhill SaddlesThornhill44.5000
JeffriesFalcon Hawk15.0000
Coventry SaddleryAll Purpose Saddle25.0000
Theo SommerRemos15.0000
CambridgeAll Purpose15.0000
StubbenSiegfried VSSG (Extra)14.0000
FreeformFreeform SB15.0000
CortinaEvent/All Purpose English Saddle15.0000
CambridgeDeluxe All Purpose Saddle15.0000
StubbenRex - Switzerland Model15.0000
CashelSoft Neoprene Saddle (version preceding latest on market)13.0000
Paris TackAll-Purpose Saddle13.0000
SensationEnglish Trail / Dressage Treeless Saddle14.0000
Bridgehouse500 Synthetic w/ changeable gullets15.0000
ExmoorAll Purpose English Saddle15.0000
ThorowgoodGriffin AP15.0000
CaledonianBlack 17\\\" All Purpose Saddle15.0000
BatesCaprilli AP/ Vintage25.0000
WintecAll Purpose 2000 Flocked15.0000
WintecAll Purpose 500 with CAIR73.7143
Dakota Saddlery420 Penning Saddle15.0000
WintecAll Pupose Synthetic Saddle15.0000
Derby OriginalsEnglish Saddle13.0000
WintecAll Purpose 2000 with CAIR and Easy Change Gullet44.0000
Black CountryEquinox II25.0000
Rider\'s ChoiceCrates Custom Wade Saddle11.0000
KincadeAll Purpose13.0000
PassierAll Purpose PS Baum15.0000
Silver FoxES120513.0000
Avalon OvationLexington Event Saddle15.0000
Kieffer MunchenMunchen44.0000
Weaver LeatherAll Purpose English Saddle15.0000
WintecVSD w/ CAIR24.5000
Thoroughbred SaddleryBurghley25.0000
FreeformShort Back15.0000
PessoaLegacy Saddle w/ Adjustable Gullet15.0000
SensationTreeless Trail Saddle15.0000
WintecAll Purpose 250123.1667
PessoaAP,CC,& Dressage15.0000
WintecWide All Purpose63.3333
WintecAll Purpose 2000164.5625
BatesCaprilli with Easy Change Gullet14.0000
Harry Dabbs / Jaguar SaddlesAll Purpose15.0000
WintecAll Purpose with Changable Gullet15.0000
Thornhill SaddlesPro-Trainer All Purpose13.0000
Kieffer MunchenVenedig15.0000
PassierOlder PSL15.0000
Reactor PanelCross Functional15.0000
NorthrunAll Purpose Saddle15.0000
SensationEnglish Trail15.0000
County SaddleryEventer Saddle15.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Pro Event15.0000
ParelliFluidity English Saddle - Superwide15.0000
Saddle OnlineAll Purpose English Saddle11.0000
MarcianteEndurance Saddle with Horn14.0000
ThorowgoodMaxam Broadback15.0000
CortinaAP Saddle15.0000
Silver FoxAP english saddle package13.0000
East Texas SaddlesRanch15.0000
BT CrumpEvent Saddle14.0000
TuckerEndurance Generation II23.0000
CollegiateRD Event14.0000
ThorowgoodL4 Leather Saddle14.0000
WintecAll Purpose Wide with CAIR34.6667
CrosbyDeep Seat Saddle15.0000
Thornhill SaddlesBerlin25.0000
Thornhill SaddlesChild\'s All Purpose English Saddle12.0000
Thornhill SaddlesEnglish Trail/Endurance Saddle15.0000
ThorowgoodEnglish Saddle with Fish14.0000
Miller\'s SaddleryLancers All Purpose23.0000
ExmoorAll Purpose Saddle15.0000
Berney BrothersGeneral Purpose Saddle15.0000
StubbenRex VSS Children\'s14.0000
BatesCaprilli VSD 14.0000
Kincade17\" AP14.0000
WintecAll Purpose 500404.0250
Kieffer MunchenGarmisch25.0000
WintecWide All Purpose w/CAIR Panels24.5000
Lovatt & RickettsAscot 15.0000
CollegiateAll Purpose Saddle14.0000
CourbetteCresta VSD15.0000
CamelotA/P Saddle15.0000
Bob MarshallBarrel Saddle23.0000
WeatherBeetaCollegiate Convertible Senior Event11.0000
Pleasant RidgeBlackburn All Purpose 18\'\' black14.0000
Black CountryGalway A/P15.0000
CrosbyMark VI AP Saddle15.0000
WintecBlack 200015.0000
StubbenSiegfried VSS35.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Synthetic All Purpose Club14.0000
SensationHarmony Element15.0000
ThorowgoodT4, 3D - All Purpose, standard15.0000
AcavalloFreemax Treeless14.0000
ThorowgoodT-4 All Purpose saddle24.5000
Down Under Saddle SupplyKimberley Stock Saddle14.0000
Ideal Saddle Co.GP/AP saddle15.0000
Wintec2000 (old model)25.0000
GatsbyAll Purpose Saddle15.0000
Black CountrySummit14.0000
Arabian Saddle CompanyLovett and Ricketts Solstice Endurance15.0000
BT CrumpZaldi Royal English Saddle15.0000
Harry Dabbs / Jaguar SaddlesJaguar XJL15.0000
Heritage Bespoke SaddleryMarple Working Hunter Saddle15.0000
BlackburnAll Purpose Synthetic (Havana)15.0000
Heather MoffettFhoenix Vogue GPT15.0000
Deuber and PartnerStartrekk All-Purpose Treeless14.0000
Horse MastersVirginian15.0000
StubbenVSD Siegfried DL25.0000
WintecAll Purpose Pro 2000 with CAIR15.0000
Avante SaddleryEnglish Saddle13.0000
County SaddleryCounty Stabilizer25.0000
WintecNext Generation 500 All Purpose without cair15.0000
Pontillo17.5\" 14.0000
Duett SaddleryRondo 2 (Black)15.0000
ExselleAccess Event15.0000
WintecWide All Purpose (Older)14.0000
CourbettePandur A/P14.0000
Berney BrothersInternational15.0000
Hilason SaddleryHSTT243 Western Flex-tree Round Skirt Saddle 15.0000
Kieffer MunchenMunchen AJ 15.0000
WintecAll Purpose 2000 with Flock/Easy change gullet14.0000
BlackburnAll Purpose Saddle12.0000
Thornhill Saddlesjeorge canaves all purpose11.0000
Sattelrei beim Kloster SchontalAll Purpose Saddle15.0000
Balance InternationalGeneral Purpose, jump tendency15.0000
PassierPS-Baum 25.0000
GreenhawkA/P Saddle11.0000
StubbenSt. Martin24.5000
CambridgeAll Purpose Jumping Saddle14.0000
CourbetteMagic AP Saddle14.0000
BatesAll-Purpose English Saddle15.0000
Heritage Bespoke SaddleryBespoke Saddles15.0000
Duett SaddlerySonata15.0000
BarnsbyH&C Haflinger15.0000
CollegiateDignitary All-Purpose Saddle23.0000
Hilason SaddleryEnglish Trail Saddle/All Purpose11.0000
Derby OriginalsAll Purpose11.0000
CourbetteClassic AP w/ E-motion tree14.0000
ThorowgoodT8 Broadback15.0000
Dover SaddleryElite XC Saddle24.5000
Palaton SaddleryAll Purpose14.0000
LancersAll Purpose Saddle15.0000
Flex RiderSynthetic Saddle A/P w/gullet change 11.0000
J. Stead Saddle Co.Custom Wade Saddle34.6667
CarlyleAll Purpose Saddle13.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Competition All Purpose Synthetic Saddle Adjust-to-Fit14.0000
CrosbyLexington TC15.0000
FreeformClassic w/ Cutback Pommel15.0000
WintecIcelandic Synthetic 500 with CAIR14.0000
Thornhill SaddlesTH1210014.0000
WintecAll Purpose 500 (no cair panels)13.0000
BlackburnAO Jumper Adjustable tree12.0000
BatesAll Purpose Cair12.0000
Butler BrosAt least 1980\'s AP/Jumper (Wide Tree)14.0000
Flex RiderAll Purpose with Exchange Gullet 11.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Skirt Saddle with English Trooper fenders15.0000
WintecAll Purpose 500 Flocked13.0000
Barefoot SaddleryCheyenne Drytex15.0000
WhippyAll Purpose15.0000
StubbenVSS Siegfried15.0000
The Australian Stock Saddle CoBronco Poley w/ Horn25.0000
Ideal Saddle Co.Apex All Purpose15.0000
FreeformEndurance Saddle Short Back11.0000
WintecWide Flocked All Purpose15.0000
Arabian Saddle CompanySylvan15.0000
Silver FoxAll purpose english saddle15.0000
Marcel ToulousePadjette Saddle24.5000
AntillAll Purpose English saddle15.0000
Barefoot SaddleryStella Drytex size 215.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Pro Buffalo Event Saddle15.0000
JC Martin Saddlery16\" A fork Wade 11.0000
ThorowgoodT4 High Wither All Purpose15.0000
Guffey SaddleryWestern saddle with Wade Style Tree15.0000
KreigerGP (with interchangeable gullet) Newer model15.0000
OvationOvation Ruiz Diaz All Purpose15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesDixieland Gaited Saddle 15.0000
WintecAll Purpose 2000 (Original Monoflap)15.0000
Jeff Smithworking cow/ ranch saddle15.0000
ThorowgoodAll Purpose Like the T4 model15.0000
Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating