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Absorbine - Santa Fe Grooming Products
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Manufacturer: Absorbine - Santa Fe Grooming Products (View all products by Absorbine)

Model: Detangler (View all Detangler reviews)

Category: Grooming Equipment

Purchase: My daughter and I went to look at a Haflinger to purchase. The little guy walked up to gait sweet as can be. The owner said the the horse needed a people. Although well taken care of, the mane was tangled and dirty and the tail which should be barbie doll blonde and flowing was dreadlocked. Haflingers have double manes and unless kept up on regularly they can become a mess quickly. I kept thinking, by the time we get a pick through the main it will be time to go home; forget about riding him. The owner came into the barn with a little orange bottle and said, "now this is a Haflinger owners best friend". He poured a little into the palm of my hand and said to rub my hands together and then begin putting my fingers through the horses main. Within MINUTES, the main was freeing up, the wind knots were easily undone and there was NO PULLING! This was fantastic! It's no wonder his Haflingers look so good all the time! We purchased the little guy yesterday and will be driving to pick up the Sante Fe Detangler afterwords.

Likes: Unlike most sprays which can over spray and get onto the horses back, making him slippery (not recommended for riding), the liquid gel stays where you put it. It's not heavy, it doesn't weigh down the hair and although it seems as though it may be greasy, it doesn't leave any residue behind. It also give the double main which is course, a soft and flowing look about it as it shines in the sun.

Dislikes: It's more expensive than what I wanted to spend on a grooming item.

Quality: The bottle seemed to be good quality. The cap didn't break off the few times we opened it and shut it again.

Summary: I think every horse owner should use this. I'm going to look at the ingredients and see about using it on my Newfoundland as well.

Rating: 5

Author: Kim Reich - Brookfield, WI

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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