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Dee Snaffle with bridle/ rein loops
English Bridle Accessories

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Manufacturer: Mikmar (View all products by Mikmar Bit Co.)

Model: Dee Snaffle with bridle/ rein loops (View all Dee Snaffle with bridle/ rein loops reviews)

Category: English Bridle Accessories

Purchase: I bought this bit used, at auction on Ebay. Price was $75.00 and I was the only bidder so I got a great deal. This bit was in excellent, barely used condition. If I had bought it brand new it would have cost me upwards of $169.00.

Likes: I was always curious about the workings of this style of bit. I have a horse who is an easy ride in a snaffle at home but needs a little more on trail or in the field. I usually ride in a kimberwicke for trail but lately he's found a way to work his tongue over that bit. The Mikmar port prevents this, the bridle loops give me similar leverage to the kimberwicke and with a flash noseband I also get similar curb pressure. This bit has the double jointed mouthpiece that has softer action in the mouth and aids with lateral flexion. He seems happier in this bit than the kimberwicke and more relaxed in his back. When I first put this bit in his mouth, my horses' reaction was like, "what the heck is this??" He chewed and chewed and fiddled with the roller. Foam was oozing out of his mouth and he's never been a very "foamy" horse with most bits. In fact he has a rather dry mouth. After the second time wearing it, he has stopped the excessive chewing and has settled comfortably with it. Occasionally I'll even see a thin line of foam around his lips.

Dislikes: Actually, I really have liked working with this bit. The only thing that would have turned me off would have been the price if I'd bought it new but that wasn't an issue, here. If you are interested in these bits, hunt on Ebay or consignment shops and see if you can find one.

Quality: The traditional style Dee cheek pieces are made from the highest quality stainless steel available and are combined with the Mikmar Double Jointed Slanted mouthpieces. The light weight mouthpieces are flat and wide and incorporate a copper roller and a low port. The Double Jointed mouthpiece is comfortably and properly positioned in the horse's mouth for effective results.

Summary: I am very happy with this bit so far. I know I can't use this style of Mikmar to show with in hunters but would consider buying the dee without the loops to do so. I like the degree of control without the harshness of a twist or corkscrew mouth.

Rating: 5

Author: Brigitte

Date: 2006-09-25

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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