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Wintec 2000
All Purpose Saddles

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Manufacturer: Wintec (View all products by Wintec)

Model: Wintec 2000 (View all 2000 reviews)

Category: All Purpose Saddles

Purchase: I purchased the Wintec 2000 with Easy-change gullet and CAIR from and paid $625 for the Wintec 2000 saddle, including the easy-measure gullet guide, the easy-change gullet system, free knit saddle cover, and a free quilted saddle carry case all for one price!

Likes: Love how this saddle feels. If my butt could talk it would be singing a happy tune as I've never sat in a seat this comfortable. I've always ridden western, and decided to try the switch to english. Let me tell you I was really concerned that I'd feel awkward and unbalanced in an english style saddle. The Wintec 2000 puts you in a nice centered close contact feel with your horse. I was worried I wouldn't like it, but now I think I wouldn't want to go back. The seat is well padded and covered in the equisuede which wipes clean. The equisuede also feels grippy, I like it! The Wintec 2000 came with nice little knee blocks that give you a really secure feeling in the saddle. The changeable gullet system gives some nice flexibility if your horse gains or loses weight, or changes shape. You can still have a saddle that fits always in your tack room.

Dislikes: There was very little that I did not like about the Wintec 2000. The one complaint I did have was changing the gullet. The instructions were very clear and straight forward. So I armed myself with two screw drivers as the chamber screws took one size screw and the gullet itself needed another size. The screws were easy enough to remove, and the gullet plate removed without much hassle. My horse needed the widest plate in the kit. This is where the trouble began. I'm fairly petite and can throw a hay bale with the best of them, but getting the white plate into position was like a one-armed sailor wrestling a wild alligator! The starter screw on one side went in fine, then came getting the hole in the gullet lined up with the receptor hole in the head of the saddle. I pushed, I pulled, I sweated, and bad things started coming out of my mouth as the fight to hold the gullet in place while also lining up the screw to hold it, and turn the screw without stripping anything out. Each time I'd try to start driving in the screw I'd lose tension on the plate and it would slip out of place, then I'd have to start all over again. I've had a talk with the horse, she is not to gain weight, she is not to lose weight as I don't know if I'm up to the emotional and physical challenge of changing the gullet again in this lifetime.

Quality: The saddle is beautifully made for the price. The equisuede looks like black velvet, and equileather doesn't have a plastic feel to it. The quality is good for the money.

Summary: I'd buy this saddle again. Think I may be converted to the english style of riding all because of the Wintec 2000 with Cair. If ever I need to change the gullet again, I will recruit another pair of hands to assist.

Rating: 5

Author: J. Reynolds

Date: 2007-10-21

Usefulness Rating: 4.33333 out of 5.
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