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Horse Muzzle
Horse Miscellaneous

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Manufacturer: Gatsby (View all products by Gatsby)

Model: Horse Muzzle (View all Horse Muzzle reviews)

Category: Horse Miscellaneous

Purchase: I bought this on ebay from Equiteric for approx. $15 plus $10 shipping because I have a gelding who is very aggressive with his mouth toward other horses, but he is friends with my young stallion, so he bites the stallion and tears off his flesh when they play.

Likes: I liked that the grazing insert was optional, so I didn't have to use it as a grazing muzzle. My gelding is an OTT TB so he is a very hard keeper, and I didn't want to restrict his pasture intake, but I did want to keep him from biting my stallion without them both having to be lonely in their own separate pastures.

Dislikes: To begin with, the strap that goes around the horse's head did not fit on my horse, so I had to take it to a leather shop and pay an additional $10 to get a longer crown piece. My gelding is taller than average horses, but he is a thoroughbred so he can fit into an average sized halter, yet this didn't fit on his face. He wore it during the day for two days and it began to rub his face raw. Also, the metal clips that hold it all together began to break and the whole thing began to fall apart---in just two days! Lastly, keeping it on him he dropped weight very quickly; it did not allow him the freedom of grazing he experiences without it and does make a difference in his weight, even though the pasture grass grows up to his flanks. Also, the metal bars at the mouth hurt whenever he swings his face toward me and accidentally bangs me. I don't like metal around horses.

Quality: Very cheap, stiff leather. This is fine for the purposes intended but rather than being sewn together it is clipped together with cheap metal braces that fall apart and cannot be put back together. It is not horse sized, but too small for my guys. The metal seems like it won't break, but it does hurt when it hits you. It is also very heavy and he finds it annoying.

Summary: I guess you get what you pay for. Don't pay for this one.

Rating: 1

Author: KN

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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