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We learned from having light skinned horses of our own, that traditional fly masks are insufficient to protect horses eyes from harmful UV rays that could eventually lead to cancer. Unable to find a satisfactory product on the market at the time, we designed and created our own. Designed with our vet's input, awarded a patent in 2012, the Equine Sun Visor is now sold world wide. Our horse, Indy, has worn one since early on in his life, is now 8 years old and still cancer free. When a customer informed us her horse had a greater need, and had Equine Head Shaker's Syndrome, we worked together to develop the ESV MAXX in late 2013. The Equine Sun Visor and the ESV MAXX have both earned favor and are recommended by equine Veterinarians around the world. Dandy Products was started in 2009 as the vehicle to manufacture and market the Equine Sun Visor. In 2013, the name was changed to EquiTek. It is still family owned and operated. We're proud to say the Equine Sun Visor is, and has always been, made entirely in the U.S.A. We strongly believe we have a responsibility to positively affect our society and country. EquiTek proudly supports our military through the Wounded Warrior Project as members of their Advanced Guard and is a committed contributor to the fund raising needs of the Equine Cancer Society. Thank you for your interest in the Equine Sun Visor and the ESV MAXX, we truly believe these products will add a new dimension of comfort and protection for your horse.

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