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Every Farnam® product is backed by a deep commitment to animal health care dating back to our founding in 1946. For decades, we’ve been the undisputed leader in horse care. And today, our reputation for innovative product development, thorough research, high production standards and competitive pricing has made us a dominant force in the pet care industry. We’re a company that not only works closely with veterinarians and other professionals in animal care, but listens to the needs of animal owners. Many of our products have been influenced by feedback and suggestions from animal lovers just like you. We’re a company that partners with organizations created by and for pet and equine enthusiasts. And we’re a company that shares the very same joys and concerns of our customers. Most of Farnam’s employees cherish pets of their own – and many are also horse people.

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Number of products made by this manufacturer: 94

Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating
Weight Builder6Horse Health and Well Being4.3333
Horse Illustrated Championship Season1Gifts/Books/Videos5.0000
Supermask Fly Mask1Fly Control3.0000
Endure® Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray 6Fly Control4.1667
Tri-Care 3-Way Wound Treatment1Grooming Equipment5.0000
Equi-Spot Fly Control12Fly Control2.8333
Fly Stick2Fly Control3.0000
Equispot3Fly Control4.3333
Bronco Fly Repellent1Fly Control1.0000
Endure Fly Spray8Fly Control3.8750
WIPE3Fly Control4.6667
WIPE II2Fly Control2.0000
Tri-Tec 14 Fly Spray1Fly Control3.0000
Vetrolin Shine Polish1Grooming Equipment3.0000
Bronco Fly Spray15Fly Control1.6000
Horseshoer\\\'s Secret2Horse Health and Well Being4.5000
Farnam Thermaflex Liniment Gel1Horse Health and Well Being4.0000
Leather New2Tack Room4.0000
Spot on Fly Products1Fly Control3.0000
Ascend Performance Electrolyte Gel1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Nature\'s Defense Fly Spray4Fly Control2.7500
Chew Stop5Horse Health and Well Being1.8000
Fly Spray2Fly Control3.0000
SuperMask II for Horses1Fly Control4.0000
Vetrolin Coat Shine1Grooming Equipment5.0000
Super 141Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Vetrolin Green Spot Out3Grooming Equipment2.6667
Mare Plus 1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
White-N-Brite1Grooming Equipment5.0000
Super 14 Skin and Coat1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Thrush XX2Horse Health and Well Being4.0000
Horseshoer\\\'s Secret Hoof Supplement1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Quietex Paste1Horse Health and Well Being1.0000
Supermask1Fly Control4.0000
Supermask II2Fly Control3.0000
Super Mask Fly Mask1Fly Control5.0000
Quietex Calming Paste2Horse Health and Well Being4.0000
Show Glo1Grooming Equipment5.0000
Leather CPR Cleaner Conditioner2Tack Room3.5000
Repel-X Concentrate4Fly Control3.7500
Fluid Flex1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Tri-Tec Fly Spray1Fly Control5.0000
SuperMask II with Ears 1Fly Control5.0000
Super Mask Fly Mask Without Ears - Arab1Fly Control5.0000
Trap N\\\' Toss2Fly Control3.0000
Ascend Hoof Gel1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Bite Free1Fly Control5.0000
Horse Shoer\\\'s Secret1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Next Level Joint Fluid3Horse Health and Well Being4.3333
Equisect Fly Repellent7Fly Control2.8571
TapeCare Plus Pyrantel Pamoate Paste 1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Platform Joint Formula1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Platform Electrolyte Formula1Horse Health and Well Being4.0000
Yea-Sacc 10261Horse Health and Well Being4.0000
Platform Hoof Health Formula1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
SuperMask II with Ears for Horses1Fly Control5.0000
Joint Supplement1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Repel-Xp Fly Spray1Fly Control4.0000
Quitt1Horse Health and Well Being2.0000
Fluid Flex1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Laser Sheen Spray Conditioner1Grooming Equipment5.0000
Mosquito Halt Repellent Spray for Horses7Fly Control3.7143
Rain Maker Hoof Dressing1Grooming Equipment5.0000
Vetrolin Equine Bath Shampoo1Grooming Equipment1.0000
Tri-Tec 142Fly Control3.0000
Repel-X Lotion1Fly Control5.0000
Fly Stick and Jr. Fly Stick1Fly Control5.0000
Roll-on Fly Repellent 2Fly Control4.5000
Fly Relief Trap1Fly Control5.0000
Tri-Care Three Way Wound Treatment1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Supermask II Fly Mask1Fly Control2.0000
HB 15 Biotin1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Cough Free2Horse Health and Well Being2.5000
Vetrolin Shine8Grooming Equipment4.6250
Flysect Super C1Fly Control3.0000
Sheath Cleaner1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Forshner\'s Hoof Packing1Horse Health and Well Being1.0000
Cool Pack Green Jelly1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
White \\\'N Brite Body Wash1Grooming Equipment5.0000
Showsheen1Horse Miscellaneous3.0000
Quietex Horse Calmer1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Icetight Poultice 1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Vetrolin Detangler4Grooming Equipment5.0000
MaxFlex XR1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Vetrolin Bath Concentrated Premium Equine Conditioning Shampoo1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Weight Builder1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Slick N Easy Horse Grooming Block7Grooming Equipment4.2857
Leather New Balsam1Tack Room5.0000
Fly Roll-on1Fly Control4.0000
Endure Roll-On1Fly Control5.0000
WonderDust1Horse Health and Well Being3.0000
Lazer Sheen1Grooming Equipment5.0000
Horseshoer\'s Secret Hoof Supplement (Concentrated)1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Vita Plus Supplement1Horse Health and Well Being5.0000
Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating