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2 Ring French Elevator
English Bridle Acc

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Manufacturer: Korsteel
Model: 2 Ring French Elevator
Category: English Bridle Acc

Purchase: I bought this bit from Smartpak for $32. I was looking for a stronger bit for Cross Country, since my horse would just blow through my aids with my normal french link snaffle. I was looking for a bit that was still soft in the mouth but offered leverage for when I needed it.

Likes: This is a great bit. It really works to keep my horse from dragging me down, yet he still accepts contact with it like with his snaffle. It has a really thick mouthpiece so it's soft on the mouth. I really like how this bit only has the 2 rings instead of the traditional 3 ring elevator because I only need the 2 rings.

Dislikes: The only thing I don't like is that it's a loose ring so I had to get bit guards to put on it and that proved to be a difficult task. Besides that, which applies to all elevator bits, this bit is great!

Quality: This is a high quality bit from Korsteel that I expect to last a long time.

Summary: This is a perfect bit if you have a sensitive-mouthed horse that forgets about his/her rider out on the cross country course or jumping in general. I highly recommend it if your horse likes to pull his head down and run.

Rating: 5

Author: Morgan A.

Date: 2012-06-21

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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