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Drury Healthy Horse Feeder
100 Hour Model
Stable Accessories

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Manufacturer: Drury Healthy Horse Feeder (View all products by Drury Healthy Horse Feeder)

Model: 100 Hour Model (View all 100 Hour Model reviews)

Category: Stable Accessories

Purchase: I read about the Drury Hay feeder in Equus Magazine, October 2011. The design met all my desired features in a Slow feed hay feeder. I talked by phone with the maker and some users of the feeder. They are made in Canada, we are in New England, so I had to order by phone and have it shipped. I bought this hay feeder so that we could keep hay available for our three horses at all times, without having them waste alot or zip through it fast (2 of the horses are haflingers, incredible hay vacuums!). With shipping the total was 1121.00 Canadian.

Likes: Everything! The materials used are very heavy duty - the horses will have a hard time hurting it. The construction is very carefully thought out to insure minimal risk of injury to horses or risk of dis-assembly. The design provides for very easy filling and enables the horses to get all the hay - nothing left to have to clean out! It is heavy so the horses are not going to be able to tip it over (I am sure the haflingers will try!). The base of the unit provides about 5" of space between the hay and the ground. The lid is solid so rain/snow can't soak the hay, and the base allows drainage if any water did get in.

Dislikes: I can't think of anything I don't like about this hay feeder.

Quality: The Quality of this hay feeder is absolutely 5 star. The maker guarantees it for 5 years - that should tell you something - and I can easily believe it will outlast the guarantee period in fine shape. I was a little hesitant about the price, but when we received our feeder and I put it together all doubt was gone. Construction of this feeder is terrific. The simplicity of design and efficient use of materials is outstanding. Aside from the lid and the storage compartment door there are no moving parts, always a good feature!

Summary: I am very very happy with this hay feeder. The cost is more than offset by the savings in wasted hay and number of trips needed to keep the horses well supplied. Given the recent findings that horses really do need to be eating forage most of the time in order to be healthy and content, this feeder makes it possible to provide hay on a 24 hr basis while also keeping the horse(s) from eating too much or too fast. This feeder works well for our 3 horses as a group. I hope to get another 1 or 2 so as to be able to provide multiple "grazing" areas.

Rating: 5

Author: RLD

Date: 2012-02-21

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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